Know Your Mom and Pop: Claudia’s Creations

claudiaSome people have been passionately training at a craft all their lives, never realizing that it could one day open the doors to a possible career path. Claudia Fratiello had a love for cooking and baking since she was 5. She would spend hours watching her mother and grandmothers cook desserts or holiday treats.

Her grandfather would take her to Falcetta’s, a local bakery in Cranston. His friend owned the business, which eventually led to her working there. She learned how to box pastry, write on cakes, make flowers and wait on customers. She loved every second of the job and even stayed on a bit to help out the new owner when the previous one retired.

“Needless to say, the passion began very early in my life,” Fratiello said. “It continued into adulthood. As my grandparents aged, I began hosting holidays. My love for cooking, baking and entertaining increased.”


While the affection was there, the idea that baking could become anything more than a hobby happened almost accidentally. She baked Italian cookie tray centerpieces for her future father-in-law’s 80th birthday, and everyone was blown away, including the wait staff. This led to her taking a cake class with her future sister-in-law so they could bake a first birthday cake for her niece. This time, people were so impressed that they started reaching out to her to bake for their celebrations.

It took a couple years of baking for friends and friends of friends before Fratiello decided to take this to the next level. She received her Food Safe Food Management certification, consulted an accountant and filed the paperwork to become an LLC. She named her business Claudia’s Creations, , and the process was easier than expected.

“It kind of feels surreal,” Fratiello says wondrously. “I never thought I would take the leap. As a hobby, it was all for fun. Now, it is still fun with just a splash of stress knowing there are bills that go along with the commitment.”

Fratiello loves all aspects of running Claudia’s Creations. She has big aspirations, but is currently splitting her time between baking and her full time job as a dental hygienist. Juggling the two has become her biggest challenge. Her goal is to open her own sandwich shop. She plans to happily sell a handful of different sandwiches on an Italian roll, calzones, cookies, cupcakes and biscuits (wine, pepper and egg). She would still make cakes and other favors, but those would be special orders.

“I want a place you can get a yummy, home-cooked (made with love) meatball or eggplant grinda’ served by someone who is genuinely happy,” Fratiello says of the ultimate dream that she is planning to make a reality.

While the custom orders are doing well, Fratiello is also working with local deli/restaurants. They are selling her wine and pepper biscuits. She is also in talks with a few others. She brings them samples to make sure they enjoy her product before selling them.

“I personally can’t promote something that I haven’t tried or don’t care for, so I bring them a small bag.”

Claudia’s Creations are imaginative and ambitious. Pictures on her Facebook page is both beautiful and mouthwatering. There are tons of custom cakes, cupcakes, cookies, sandwiches, calzones, biscuits, chocolate dipped strawberries, Oreos and pretzels, and even a cake for a dog. If you can think of it, Claudia’s Creations can make it. The multitude of positive reviews on her page attest to Fratiello’s talent and love for her craft.

You can learn more about Claudia’s Creations LLC by viewing her Facebook page. Please call 401-368-1483 to place an order.