Creature Beach

Since Governor Raimondo reduced parking at Misquamicut and Scarborough Beaches to 25% of capacity, the beach now is populated with crabs, birds and giant turtles, and the waters are full of whales, giant squid, prehistoric sea creatures, and all the other life forms in nature (and imagination) that appear when there are fewer humans around. 

find the beach life

-2 Seahorses
-Atlantic Cod
-Scallop Shells
-3 Gulls
-2 Walrus
-Broadbill Swordfish
-2 Harbor Seals
-Hope Anchor
-Loggerhead Turtles
-Headstand Snorkler
-2 Leatherback Turtles
-Tiny Squid
-Sperm Whale
-Sea Bass
-Covid Cruise Ship
-Deep Sea Diver
-Reclining Sea Creature
-Newport Light House