Fun for the Kids: Children’s entertainers keep the party going

Hey, parents! You’re probably soothing a lot of tantrums and breaking up tons of fights and trying to ignore yet another eye-roll these days. If you are, it’s cause kids are suffering an upheaval of their world just like you are. Only they can’t drink about it.

To help inject a little stress-busting fun into their lives and give you a moment to yourself so you can stuff a handful of chips down your gullet or curl up in the fetal position unseen, we’ve rounded up a list of some of the best streaming local entertainment available for the cute and quarantined.

Barrington Youth Soccer: Barrington Youth Soccer is keeping kids’ skills sharp with soccer skills videos. Check them out at


Bellani Maternity Virtual Dance Class: Join Miss Sandy on Tuesday and Friday mornings for a giggle-filled dance class. For more information:

Bill Harley: Storyteller and musician Bill Harley hosts story and music sessions every Thursday at 1pm. For more information:

The Curated Crayon: Local art enthusiast Bre Churchchill Tindall makes short videos showing simple at-home art projects for kids using art supplies you probably have at home. Subscribe to The Curated Crayon’s YouTube channel:

East Side Music Together: Hello, everybody! Check out live mini music classes from East Side Music Together. They’ll be glad to see you!

Greg Lato: Children’s musician Greg Lato continues to bring the fun via his Facebook page. Check it out at

Keith Munslow: Storyteller and musician Keith Munslow has been hosting live family concerts via his Facebook page. And if your littles can’t get enough of his brand of fun, then get excited for his soon-to-be-released album! For information:

Made By Me Cooking Classes: The Warren-based cooking teacher for kids has moved online. Visit her Facebook page for upcoming recipes and ingredient lists.

Mark Binder’s Books: Stuck at home with nothing to read? Providence author and storyteller Mark Binder is giving free ebooks to Rhode Island families. Choose between his classic, “Bed Time Story Book” (PK-1) “Kings, Wolves, Princesses and Lions,” (grades 1-3) and “It Ate My Sister” (middle grades, middle school and adults with a sense of humor). Go to and at checkout, use the code MOTIF

Ms. Kat Reads Aloud: Ms. Kat from Slater Park Tennis reads stories to kids live via her Facebook and Instagram pages. Check out her schedule at

Ricky Reads! Live!: Beloved local artist Ricky Rainbow Beard is telling 6pm bedtime stories with his array of puppets. See them live at

Rock a Baby: Join the puppets and talented musicians behind them who will entertain your little ones for a precious half hour so you can pee by yourself.

Stories with Len: On Wednesdays and Fridays at 2pm, beloved storyteller Len Cabral shares live stories via his Facebook page. Check it out at

Trinity Rep Acting Classes: Trinity’s classes go virtual! Tell the little actor in your life to check it out here:

Valerie Tutson: Storyteller extraordinaire Valerie Tutson is telling a daily story at 11:30am via her Facebook page.

Zoo School: Join Roger Williams Zoo every Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm to learn about one of the animals living in the zoo and missing you.

Local Libraries: Check out the Facebook page of your local library. Many of them are offering storytimes for kids.