Danceapalooza Is Coming to Town

Fusionworks Dance Company is living up to their slogan “Different is Good” for their coming fall concert. The Northeast Choreographers Festival will be presented at the McVinney Auditorium  in Providence on Saturday, November 5 at 8pm. Throughout its notable 28-year history on the Rhode Island arts scene, Fusionworks has always presented both the works of guest choreographers (some that have gone on to fame) and the choreography of founder and director Deb Meunier. However, this upcoming concert is sort of the Fusionworks experience times seven. That’s right — no fewer than seven different choreographers will present their works as part of what is being dubbed the NECF Inaugural Concert: a veritable Danceapalooza (or Dancestock for older folks) coming to Little Rhody.

The Fusionworks dancers will be performing works by Lane Gifford, Gierre Godley, Jenny Gerena, Winnie Burger and Deb Meunier (see descriptions below). The Fusionworks II dancers will be dancing to the choreography of Rhode Island College faculty member Jessika Pearson in her piece Methodical Exchange. And finally, choreographer Annamaura Silverblatt will present her work Kafka’s Metamorphosis (yes, based on that creepy short story about the guy who wakes up as an insect). The extremely wide spectrum of contemporary and modern dance styles these choreographers will present, along with the wide range of subject matter in their various works, make this show truly live up to the “Different is Good” philosophy of any Fusionworks concert. Clearly, though, this dance festival will not just be any Fusionworks concert.

Lane Gifford’s piece The Garden is her edgy, urban interpretation of the story of Adam and Eve performed to indie rock music, with two snakes and lots of apples!


Fraternity, the dance by NY choreographer Gierre Godley, offers a dark swirl of five dancers in business suits manipulating, competing and jostling each other in their effort to get to the top in a dreamlike depiction of someone’s worst work day.

Jenny Gerena’s dance He(i)r, inspired by Boticelli’s painting Birth of Venus, is a lush, ceremonial depiction of the initiation rites of womanhood.

Winnie Burger’s work Self Disruption is a quicksilver fast contemporary dance with relentless and driving movements of ensemble precision, performed to the music of Alt-J.

Finally, Fusionworks director Deb Meunier will present a new version of her piece And That Ain’t All, a sensuous and playful show stopper that is like a fusion of modern dance and An American in Paris, with a gorgeous orchestral score by Takashi Yoshimatsu.

It is rare for any arts concert in Rhode Island to showcase such a diversity of talent and ideas. Like our wonderful New England weather, there should be something for everyone at this concert – just wait a minute and a new experience will be coming. Don’t miss the biggest dance event Fusionworks has ever hosted!

Fusionworks NECF concert on November 5 at 8pm at McVinney Auditorium, 43 Dave Gavitt Way, PVD; Tickets can be purchased online at: or at the door; Complimentary parking on site.