As a lifelong Rhode Islander who loves the genre of hip-hop, both the local and nationwide scene, it’d be a mistake to say that Dee Gomes does not stand as one RI’s most popular and most successful acts. Working on his craft year after year, Dee Gomes has grown into the budding star he currently is.

On the one-year anniversary of TwelveZeroNine, Dee Gomes cleaned out his stash of weapons and reloaded to fire away his latest offering, True Colors. Laced with 13 songs, he comes to battle with quite the supporting cast. King OSF, Lily Rayne, Lil Santana, Shyfi, Rasandra & Teezy Baby all come through with their respective talents.

His latest project sees him revealing the world in which he’s immersed in its most authentic and truest form. Track by track a new element is painted, a new piece of the puzzle is connected and by the project’s end, there’s a painting in front of you that tells you everything you need to know.


True Colors gravitates to the authenticity of Dee Gomes as a person and an artist. Its content also revolves around the people around him: fake friends, haters, women who did him wrong and more. Take the idea of judging one’s character, Dee Gomes takes aim at this idea on “Change Up” and “Understand Me” on the project.

For “Change Up,” he speaks on getting bombarded by people who think he’s switched up as a result of all his achievements in life. Backed by the track’s bouncy production with a dash of carefreeness to it, he counters their complaints saying they’re the ones who’ve changed, doing so just to get on his good side. Similarly, “Understand Me,” which features Lil Santana over nonchalant production, follows this idea. Being the topic of conversation, rumors and false perceptions are inevitable. The two artists tackle the skewed perceptions many people have about them.

When it comes to love, Dee Gomes keeps it 8 more than 92 with us as well; “Doing The Most” & “Fall Apart Interlude” are perfect examples of this. Both stand as interludes of sorts, the tracks address the ideas of the downside and struggles of a relationship. On “Doing The Most” Dee Gomes shows us how things have changed since his first love. Before the music, she never appreciated him and/or showed him the love he deserved. Moving to the present, she attempts to right her wrongs, but it’s just too late for that. The next song, “Falling Apart Interlude” featuring Rasandra, sees him at the breaking point with that special woman in his life. With her foot already out the door, he tries to make her rethink her decision, reminding her of everything he’s done for her. However, the damage has been done and she’s felt too much pain to stay any longer.

Another highlight on this album for me is the quality of the guest appearances. All of the supporting acts supplied strong performances, King OSF and Dee Gomes’ chemistry helps make “Troops” the standout song on the album. Lil Santana provides a solid hook and lays down a good verse on “Understand Me,” with Teezy Baby doing the same on “All That” & Lil Rayne has my favorite chorus on the album with “Not 4real.” Moving to the second half of the album, Shyfi & Rasandra add a great touch of R&B and emotion to the their respective tracks “Doing the Most” & “Fall Apart Interlude.”

True Colors depicts Dee Gomes staring at the now completed painting that represents the 180 that life has become for him, a rags-to-riches type journey, traces of his past are all throughout the project. Past heartbreaks, his dealings with fake friends, his struggles as a youth and more led us to the Dee Gomes we know today. All these life experiences are used to paint the realest of pictures, with the truest of colors.