Enjoy the Long Weekend at The Scituate Art Festival


This Columbus Day weekend, on October 10 – 12, head on down (or up, I don’t know where you live) to North Scituate for the Scituate Art Festival. The town throws its annual event on the Village Green, on both sides of Route 116, North Scituate, from 10am – 5pm on Saturday and Sunday and 10am – 4pm on Monday. So, for all the autumn lovers already tired of apple picking, throw on a jacket, instagram Scituate’s beautiful foliage (no filter) and prepare yourself for some fall fun. Proceeds for the fall-fest go to the town of Scituate – so come on down for a burst of culture that supports locals!

For almost half a century the town of Scituate has thrown a party built to benefit their community. It all started in 1830 (seriously) when some locals wanted to build a third place of worship in town. What is colloquially known as the Old Congregational Church, used to house both Baptists and Congregationalists who would alternate Sundays at the now-aging white building, now is solely Congregationalists. The festival was born more than a century later in 1967 with a one-day festival aimed at raising money to renovate the historic church. Today, the festival still funds the church’s up-keep, but also uses its proceeds to help approximately 30 local non-profits.

The Scituate Arts Festival, now in it’s 49th year, hosts locals and travelers from around the country. Attendants of the festival can find a juried arts and crafts show with exhibits ranging from antiques to woodwork to pastels to vintage clothes. Though, festival-goers won’t just swallow their cultural intake in booth-sized cups, no sir, live music will swell throughout Village Green. Every day of the festival features at least three musical acts, closing off the event with an open mic night. So, who knows, maybe you’re the final act?
I know what you’re thinking, “Yeah, yeah. Immersion into the local culture is great, but what if I get HUNGRY?” Well, not to worry. The dozen non-profits that make up the food court provide scrumptious treats throughout the day. Indulge in a doughboy with the Rotary Club or in fall classics like pulled pork and pumpkin pie served on a warm plate by the Shepherd of the Valley United Methodist Church.


Gosh, I’m excited.

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