Work from Home and Stir Crazy?: We got you! Three Good Vibe WFH spots in Providence

The work from home revolution was a sudden change, drastic for many, including me. It was fun for a while. I shouldn’t complain: Oh no poor me, no commute! I can wake up 15 minutes before logging in. Am I wearing pants? Who knows and who cares? I could be working from my couch, binging the latest season of “Stranger Things” while my mic is muted for Zoom meetings. Hanging out with my pet, kids, or partner during lunch breaks, while meal planning and ordering my groceries online; rough life.

But alas… I am getting a bit stir crazy! If you’re anything like me, you’ll be looking to break out from the routine. I scoped out several cafes and WFH locations that you might not expect if you’re thinking Starbucks and Brewed Awakenings – happy to share a few of my less expected favorites.

District Hall – 225 Dyer St. Providence, Hours 9 am – 5 pm, M – F

Located on the edge of downtown next to the pedestrian bridge, it’s an ideal WFH location. District Hall Providence provides free wifi and coworking space on their bottom floor. The building itself is the CIC (Cambridge Innovation Center) including the Venture Cafe, and is part of a large network. Yes it has multiple names LOL, don’t get me started on that confusion.. It’s been there for about three years, and it’s a true gem!

You’ll appreciate the natural light from full length windows, a booth for quiet calls, and a loungey nook for getting more comfortable. An awesome place to meet entrepreneurs and innovators, and even do some networking if that tickles your fancy. My favorite day to go is Thursdays, because of their weekly Thursday Gathering. Pop up the stairs to sign up for their free programming from 4 – 7 pm, and enjoy beverage tickets, (age dependent). They host a range of interesting workshops, speakers, and panels. If you love to learn and meet new interesting people, District Hall will become one of your new faves.

Bolt Coffee at RISD Museum (aka Cafe Pearl) – 224 Benefit St. Providence, Hours 8 am – 4 pm, T, W Sa Sun & 8 am – 6 pm Th, Fri 

Literally in the lobby at the RISD Museum, you’ll find an artsy refreshing spot to WFH. This is one of Bolt Coffee’s three locations in Providence! Gorgeous high ceilings, lots of indoor tables, and an outdoor area too, it’s hard to beat if you’re looking for a roomy East Side wifi spot. This chic cafe doubles as an art gallery with wall installations giving you a taste of the museum’s flair. 

Hungry? Thirsty? Enjoy a small tasty menu with highlights including the Caramelized Honey Latte, Avocado Toast, and this delicious Rosella Iced Tea I’m currently sipping; swoon! Bolt roasts their coffee beans right in Providence. The Baristas don’t disappoint either: friendly, knowledgeable and a bit quirky. You can expect the full gamut of company – students, young professionals, and tourists. Natural light comes in from the skylight above, reminding you the outside world is still alive while you work. Very cool find, I can’t wait to come back! 

Parking can be limited, if you drive I suggest parking up the hill near Prospect and Waterman Streets. Oh, and if you’re downtown, check out Bolt’s other locations. 61 Washington Street (extended food menu) and in The Dean Hotel at 122 Fountain Street (drinks only). @boltcoffeeco.

New Harvest Coffee- 10 Sims Ave Providence. Hours 8 am – 10 pm T – F, 9 am – 11 pm Sa & 9 am – 5 pm Su

New Harvest is a beautiful spot to WFH. Ample free parking, indoor and outdoor tables, and a fully stocked bar in addition to coffee and tea. Their late night hours are helpful for those who prefer working later or sipping a boozy coffee while hustling on your side gig. It may be small but they make great use of the space with plenty of open tables and additional bar seating. For munchies they’ve got you covered with sweet and savory pastries. 

If you need quiet to concentrate, you may want noise canceling headphones. Their music taste is amazeballs: I just Shazamed a song. But even I’ll admit their music is a bit loud, although a key contribution to their overall vibe. If you like your WFH with a side of edge you’ll love this unique spot. Did I mention they roast their beans right next door!? Find them on Insta @newharvestcoffee.

Well, that’s all for now my fellow Prov residents! I hope you enjoy my list as much as I enjoyed hunting around the city. Getting out of the house, even if you don’t need to, can be uplifting to mental health. With new businesses coming alive or revitalizing in every neighborhood your next treasure, new friend, or interesting conversation is right around the corner!