Eventually dark skin girls start to heal 
Eventually we peel
Off the white face 
Smiling at the gift 
Of melanin

Eventually we start to see our own beauty 
Understanding there is no standard of  
Beauty even though we are the original model

Eventually we stop believing the lies 
They fed us and we start to eat organic truth
Turning off the fake news 

Eventually dark skin girls go back to 
Their roots digging deep for meaning 
Finding truth in each coiled strand 

Eventually we find ourselves ignoring 
The outside chatter 
Celebrating the inside silence 

Eventually dark skin girls stop self
Sabotaging and start self loving 

Eventually we shed insecurities 
Reveling in the depths of our darkness 
To find the light  

Eventually we heal 
We find our power 
Walk in peace 
With heads up 
Crowns high 

Eventually with eyes wide open we fly