It’s All Too Much!: Cut the clutter and give an experience

As220ClasesRemember that one gift in a slew of gifts you received about seven years ago that quickly found its way to the bottom of a drawer and then the giveaway pile? No? How about that one afternoon you spent with a friend experiencing something new? You still text inside jokes about that day, don’t you?

The gift of an experience often can be more memorable and meaningful than the gift of stuff, and we here at Motif fully embrace the concept. Good things do indeed come in small packages, and that small envelope under the tree that contains a promise of a new experience or time spent with a loved one is the very best way to think big.

The key to good experiential gift giving is watching and listening. Does your friend have an unused set of paintbrushes gathering dust in a corner? That’s proof that the interest is there, but maybe the time or self-motivation isn’t. A gift certificate for a paint night might be just the motivation they need. Has your grandmother been getting all nostalgic about the diner where she and your grandfather stole their first kiss? Give her a gift certificate for a meal at the diner — or perhaps to the diner where her diner ustabe.fencing


For your active and adventurous friend, try taking them to the zip line at the zoo or for a day of paintball, laser tag, surfing or skydiving. A friend who’s always learning or trying new things would love to take a class at the Bristol Audobon Society or sit in on a lecture at a library (and those are free!). Improv classes, art classes at AS220 or the Ocean State Maker Mill will satisfy the frustrated creative in your life. And your very own health nut would love to try a different way of being active — like archery, kickboxing or fencing classes — or might need to replenish their system at the Drip Bar. Is your friend into the unusual? Try an astrology consultation, or an acupuncture, reiki or reflexology session.

By going the experiential route, you’ll give the people on your nice list something they’ll remember for always. Nice, right?