Fashion Flashback: This summer is all about rebooting the ‘90s—and not just the cartoons!

One of the most popular fashion trends to make a comeback this summer—as with everything else nowadays—is the ‘90s. That’s right, boys and girls! Grab your butterfly clips and hang onto your low-waisted jeans because Y2k is back and ready to party. With everything from neons to vintage band-tees and even the (dreaded) micro-mini skirt returning to store shelves, this summer is about embracing old favorites – and maybe even finding some new ones. While it might be overwhelming picking out an outfit after not going out for over a year, (and no, you can’t just wear the same green sweatpants for three days straight—thank you very much) I asked local fashion designers what we can expect to see on the streets of PVD this summer.

Coming off her third RI Styleweek, Zoe Grinfeld is no stranger to the current Y2k resurgence: “I know fashion is always recycling itself… I was born in ’98 and the early 2000s was like my entire upbringing.” Childhood and nostalgia play a large part in inspiring Zoe’s designs, with her past shows paying tribute to classic board games like Twister.  For her, this summer is about exploring the bright and colorful side of fashion: “A lot of it is bright colors and bold prints and lots of rhinestones [and] embellishment glitter—which I think is always just so fun to play with and it kind of tackles kitsch in this really fun way.”

But if glitz and glitter aren’t your forte, Providence native Amy Page DeBlasio, owner and operator of APD Design Studio and Boutique in Pawtucket, has got you covered. Blending an urban attitude with edgy sophistication, her designs are all about playing with different fabrics and textures to create eye-catching looks. “I mix a lot of fabrics together that most people wouldn’t think would work in the same garment,” Amy says. “I incorporate neon into a lot of my pieces… I’ll use it in a dressy piece [or] a gown, and I’ve used it as a little ruffle on a cute co-ord set, like a skirt and a top.”

Bold colors and textured fabrics have been dominating the runways as of late, opening the opportunity for androgynous fashion to emerge as a new form of self-expression. Crocheted vests, highlighter green crop-tops, chunky platform shoes, small handbags, and lots of two-piece sets are just some of the styles gracing models. This much variety can cause some anxiety when putting together a new outfit. But adding these new trends into your own style shouldn’t be scary:

  “Even though something might feel bold to one person, most other people wouldn’t think twice [about it], says Amy. “Nowadays, anything goes. But I would suggest incorporating one piece at a time…start small, like a neon accessory and you know, work it. Work the piece into your own wardrobe and it will help the transition. It’ll help you feel more comfortable.”

Zoe adds to this sentiment: “I think that fashion in general right now is about celebrating the individual and expressing yourself in a way that’s not just cookie cutter.” She says when it comes to branching out and trying new things, “it’s all about balance. I think a lot of people are afraid to experiment with their style because they think it’s all one way or the other but it’s really just [about] being comfortable when you want to be comfortable, and fun when you want to have fun.”

For more of Zoe Grinfeld’s designs, check her out on TikTok and Instagram @zoe.grinfeld, and keep an eye out for her online boutique opening at

For more of Amy’s designs, visit her shop in Hope Artiste Village or online at, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram @apdpvd.