Featured Contributor January 2022: Meg Coss

Hi Motif readers, I’m Meg. I moved from Oakland, CA to PVD in May 2018 and work as a freelance writer and marketing specialist. My most recent written works include a long-form review of the Bad History Month/Nyxy Nyx split album Death Takes a Holiday, and a long-form review of the LA-based comedians The Perfect Women. (Reviews in summation: Bad History Month/Nyxy Nyx = Boston/Philly underground dream team; The Perfect Women = YouTube worth watching.) 

Writing to me isn’t a choice or even something I think about. It’s my primary method of communication and the way I process information. It’s hard to explain without writing a book; but I believe we are all writers and if you don’t think you are, then stop thinking in terms of grammar and style: Start thinking about how to get the voice in your head, and the heat in your heart, down on the page; that’s writing. I’m excited to write for Motif because ever since moving to Providence I’ve been developing crushes on all these Rhode Island residents, so that’s what I want to write about – the people who make this strange little state so dreamy and worthwhile. 

Fun-ish facts about me: I once lived in the Hotel Buckminster and not long after that I lived in a house full of frogs, turtles, cats, iguanas and a boa constrictor. I work part-time on a horse farm shoveling horsesh*t and it’s truly the best part of my week; and I’ve been playing cribbage since I was six (aka I’m very good at counting to 15 and 31).