Meg Coss

Meg moved from Oakland, CA to PVD in May 2018 and works as a freelance writer and marketing specialist. For her, writing isn't a choice or even something she thinks about- it's her primary method of communication and the way she processes information. Meg is excited to write for Motif because ever since moving to PVD, she's been developing crushes on all these RI residents, so that's what she wants to write about – the people who make this strange little state so dreamy and worthwhile.

Notes From NECANN: A firsthand account of the New England Cannabis Convention

Sunday, March 20. Boston, MA. Hynes Convention Center. New England Cannabis Convention (NECANN) Day 3.  Morning drive from Providence to Boston: the fog was lifting, the sun was shining, everything was white. Listened to the radio. Sang along to everything. Fog parted just outside Quincy. Seagulls perched atop the beauty supply building in Roxbury. Blue […]

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Where The Wild Things Are: Adam Anderson & the wonder of our living world

If you’ve ever taken a stroll by the Providence River and found yourself enthralled by a field of sunflowers glowing in that golden summer light, then you’ve experienced the wonder of Adam Anderson, director/founder of landscape architecture studio Design Under Sky. Since 2016, the sunflower field, known as 10,000 Suns, has grown on a parcel […]

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Embrace the Offensive: PVD’s Tara Morris finds catharsis through hot power yoga

On a cold December morning, Tara Morris opened her hot power yoga class with the words, “Today’s my mom’s birthday; she would’ve been 81.” Morris’ mother Maryann passed away in September 2020 after battling Parkinson’s for 27 years.  “It was so brutal,” says Morris. “So fucking brutal to watch a big, strong woman lose all […]

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