Note from the Editors

Note from the Editors

While putting together this issue, we spoke often about gender. In celebrating Women’s History Month, it is important to acknowledge that while we live in a patriarchal society where the material effects of misogyny and gender-based inequity are very real, the concept of gender expands beyond the binary of women and men. 

Enforcing the gender binary and dismissing the identities of those who often feel brushed over or locked out of feminist spaces, is a violence in itself. The inclusive fight for women’s equality is tied up in fighting against all other forms of oppression, including transphobia and queer erasure.

We discussed how in our attempts to categorize and make sense of the world, we often paint with broad strokes.

We discussed the grace needed to accept unintended offense, and the cruelty of willful ignorance.

We discussed how despite trying our best, sometimes we get it wrong. But getting it wrong shouldn’t keep us from trying to do better. For example, in the last issue, we grouped several non-binary and queer performers into the category of ladies. We issued an apology and worked with Rhody Q to get it right. The revised article is now available at

We discussed generational attitudes toward gender identity. How some generations laugh when pronouns are included in an email signature, while to other generations being clear on pronouns is nothing new and nothing funny. 

We talked about the importance of remaining open to evolution. The world, and the language we use to discuss our world — ourselves — is changing. We hope to change with it and create an environment where everyone feels seen, heard, and empowered.

- Meg Coss & Dana Schneider