Film Review: Results


results-poster-1The film Results introduces us to Danny, a man who recently found himself divorced and then unexpectedly wealthy. Danny doesn’t seem to know what he wants to do with himself and a mixture of loneliness and boredom makes him impulsive and unpredictable. He finds his way into Trevor’s gym looking to hire a personal trainer so he will feel confident “taking a punch” without falling down and soon Danny is falling for his assigned personal trainer Kat. Kat’s initial mixed signals confuse the situation and quickly all of those involved find their lives upended to some degree with Kat quitting the gym, Danny eventually becoming friends and business partners with Trevor, and then their business plans crashing when Danny finds out that Trevor also loves Kat.

Results is definitely a solid representative for the “quirky, indie, romantic comedy” that we have become used to, but what starts to become predictable and cliché in the second act is quickly subverted in the third act when characters begin to make some interesting and unpredictable decisions. Writer/Director Andrew Bujalski does a wonderful job subverting the expectations of the genre and sets up a parallel between the male leads that shows how much more alike they are than they would think. While the cast all do a great job defining their characters, it is especially thrilling to see Kevin Corrigan in a lead role as he has proved himself a great character actor from the ’90s on.


Overall Results gives us a fun and funny film, and it is worth taking the time to find it on VOD now.

Results (2015); Director: Andrew Bujalski; Starring: Kevin Corrigan, Guy Pearce, and Cobie Smulders