Rhode Island Animators Unite!: Rhode Island Independent Animators Shorts to be screened in Jamestown

On February 6, the first screening of Rhode Island Independent Animators Shorts will take place at the Jamestown Arts Center, and according to curator Brian O’Malley, it’s “going to be epic!” “The screen is of a cinematic scale — big!” exclaims O’Malley. “The focus of this series of screenings is to bring short animated films […]

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Power to the People: Low-cost filmmaking puts creative pursuits within reach

Back in the misty days of the mid ’80s when I first started toying around with making movies, the common refrain you’d hear from people in the business was, “If you’re not shooting on 35mm film, you’re not actually making a movie.” In many ways, these comments were meant to discourage people who weren’t blessed […]

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Big Screen Meet Small State: The Rhode Island International Film Festival returns

The Oscar-qualifying Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF) is once again hitting big screens throughout the state, and this year’s event promises to be bigger and better than ever. Shawn Quirk, festival organizer, says of the 316 films ready to be screened, “It’s the strongest year we’ve had.” The festival received 6,000 film entries that […]

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Film Is Rolling in RI: Diving into the mind of Steven Feinberg

Steven Feinberg is a legend of the silver screen. Currently serving as the executive director of the Rhode Island Film & Television Office, Feinberg previously spent 22 years in Hollywood where he worked with every major studio you can think of, developing a Saturn-nominated Best Science Fiction Movie, Fortress, in the process. Since returning to […]

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