Finding Your Higher Self: Yoga studio incorporates edibles with meditation in special class

Four2Five Wellness on Taunton Ave. in East Providence is a place of resilience, strength, and healing where everyone has the opportunity to explore and create their higher self. It’s more than just a yoga studio on the suburbs of the city, it’s a community of individuals who strive to help each other in personal growth and healing. I had the opportunity to sit down with Jasmin Acevedo, owner and founder of Four2Five Wellness. We chatted about the mission her studio hopes to achieve and about the workshop called ‘A Higher Self’ which involves taking edibles to enhance the experience of meditation and movement. 

Upon arriving at Four2Five Wellness on a rather chilly Thursday afternoon, I was greeted by Jasmin at the front door. Her warm smile and welcoming spirit made me feel comfortable the second I walked in. The loud clamor of passing cars faded to quiet as the door slowly closed behind me. Caramel colored hardwoods lined the floors and crystal clear mirrors stretched the perimeter of one side of the studio to my left. Beautiful framed pictures scaled the walls in one nook of the studio to my right, which caught my attention to the hints of bright green stripes which added a nice unexpected pop of color to the creamy white walls. 

I got a glimpse into two rooms. One of which had a massage table and what looked to be a very comfy and relaxing pillow-like seat, one where you’d be fast asleep within ten minutes of sinking into its dangerously soft trap. Jasmin then took me to the little nook where the picture frames and green accents resided and we sat at a table, ready to learn more about her business; the sunshine trying its best to keep its presence known as the afternoon began to quickly fade. 

The name, Four2Five Wellness, is actually named after Jasmin’s birthday, April 25th (4/25). Four2Five is a space which provides a variety of workshops, retreats, and educational opportunities to help people learn and actively participate in healing and mindfulness. “What we really want to provide is a true preventative health experience for the culture,” Acevedo shared. 

The yogic lifestyle, as Acevedo called it, is so much more than the poses and sitting on a yoga mat with your eyes closed. It’s a lifestyle, with many benefits to both physical and mental well-being. “It helps people to become more aware of themselves and what they need and helps heal different traumas they may have stored in their body.” Acevedo mentioned. The yogic lifestyle also helps to combat anxiety, depression, and in turn helps you to be more aware of your body and what it naturally craves and desires. 

I asked Acevedo about her Higher Self class that involves taking edibles, which she shared was actually what kickstarted her studio into what it is today. This is a special pop-up class that is only hosted once a month and usually gets sold out due to its popularity. The class uses plant medicine paired with meditation and movement to help you reach your higher self, hence the name. Four2Five is donated edibles by a company called ‘Edibles by Ky’. The plant medicine contains cannabis and also has a variety of mushrooms and cacao, which are the beans in which to make chocolate. Incorporating these plant medicines into meditation helps to increase mindfulness and focus. Micro-dosing is also important to remember before taking the edibles, especially if it’s your first time having the substances. 

“It’s really unique because there aren’t a lot of spaces that are using cannabis as medicine, so it’s up and coming,” Acevedo says. Community is also special to the class. You are able to freely take the edibles prior to class and have the chance to sit, relax, and just chat with people about what’s on your mind. It’s a great way to leave your struggles and worries at the door and prepare your mind and body for the real healing of the class prior to it even starting. Drinking plenty of water and having a buddy system with someone also helps enhance the experience and in turn makes you feel more comfortable. 

Acevedo also shares the importance of integrating Four2Five with people and communities of color and how having this space for them is something that is very important to her. Having a multicultural staff and client population, representation within the Four2Five community is something Acevedo and the staff strive to have as a key value of their business. 

“Our experiences are so unique so it’s almost like having a place where you can go and be seen and be felt and that there are people that look like you that are looking for the same medicine as you. It’s really something that is near and dear to my heart and we need more representation in wellness.” Jasmin’s dedicated mindset to her craft and the caring attitude of her staff are one of the many reasons people keep coming back to Four2Five Wellness week after week.