Give the Gift of the Green Stuff: Jordan’s Jungle has great gifts for plant enthusiasts

Plant parents have one thing in common: They always get excited about adding more greenery to their collection. In a time when saving the environment is a top priority for so many Earth-conscious individuals, a plant is often the perfect gift. 

Jordan’s Jungle in Pawtucket describes itself as a 10,000-square-foot “tropical oasis for all plant people.” They’ve got plants for beginner botanists like spider plants and grasses, as well as plants for the more experienced green thumbs like the Alocasia “Dragon Scale.” And your experience with Jordan’s doesn’t have to end after your purchase: Their website has myriad resources, including plant care guides, pest ID and treatment information, and details about their plant seminars and discussions. 

In the words of Guns & Roses, “Welcome to the jungle!”

Jordan’s Jungle is located at 545 Pawtucket Ave, Pawtucket.