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Bradly VanDerStad

Get in the Zone: An explainer of RI’s Health Equity Zone initiative

You may have heard of this forward-thinking RI Department of Health initiative that is beginning to serve as a national model for community-driven health. But what is a Health Equity Zone, and how does it work? What Are Health Equity Zones?  Ana Novais, deputy director of the Rhode Island Department of Health, defines Health Equity […]

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Briefly Explained

In the past 12 months, Rhode Island added an additional $20 million dollars to its unclaimed funds, and a chunk of that might have your name on it! Read “Briefly Explained: Lost Money” at to learn how you can get reunited with your wayward wealth. Briefly aims to foster an informed and engaged citizenry by connecting […]

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What’s the Deal with PERA?: A brief explainer on the org that’s taken local news by storm

You may have heard the acronym PERA thrown around quite a bit in the news lately, but unless you’ve been paying incredibly close attention, you may be wondering: What on Earth is PERA? Let’s take a closer look at the Providence External Review Authority. What Is the Providence External Review Authority? The Providence External Review […]

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Yes, Rhode Island Had Slavery: It’s time to change the name

As the debate about removing “and Providence Plantations” from the official state name rages across Rhode Island, the most common rebuttal to the claim that the phrase evokes the horrors of slavery is “slavery never came to Rhode Island.” Au, contraire: Rhode Island was unquestionably built on the backs of slaves and profits from the […]

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Solidarity Is the New Thoughts and Prayers: People want solutions over slogans

Our social media feeds are peppered with them — empty statements from politicians, attempting and failing to placate citizens tired of police brutality: “I call on each of us to come together in unity,” says one.  “We stand tall against discrimination and brutality,” says another. “I see you, I hear you, and I stand with […]

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RI Pride Postpones PrideFest; Launches Food Drive

On April 2, Rhode Island Pride announced the unanimous board vote to postpone all of its June events, including PrideFest and the Illuminated Night Parade.  “The hardest part of this is the disappointment from the community,” says Rhode Island Pride president Ray Sirico. “So many people look forward to this one day a year they […]

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A Quiet Place: Contract worker seeks cafe with good vibes and plenty of outlets

Hey all you freelancers, telecommuters, authors and entrepreneurs. Let’s admit it: It’s hard for us Providence café enthusiasts to find a nice place to write a blog that will launch us to stardom, pen the next great American novel or iron out a million-dollar business idea that isn’t completely overrun by copycats trying to do […]

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Stop! Collaborate and Listen: Cambridge Innovation Center lands in PVD

Everyone’s talking about the brand spankin’ new Wexford Innovation Center down on Dyer Street, which had its grand opening on July 17. Even more interesting is its anchor tenant — the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) — which will be opening its doors officially next month. I recently sat down with Joy Fox, CIC’s media relations […]

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