Bradly VanDerStad

Squid’s Ink: Mayflies, Gadflies and Shoeflies

Several Random Fails Did anyone else notice that Providence Pizza Week coincided with Passover? As one organizer said, “What? Pizza is flatbread. Think of it as Italian matzah.” Maybe next year they’ll schedule a RI Brunch Week during Ramadan… Rep Patricia Morgan is advocating for increasing parental control over education by prohibiting sex education that […]

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Rorschach State: Taking a look at gerry-meandering districts

Every ten years, the US Census Bureau is responsible for counting everyone in America. And every ten years, America’s cantankerous cartographers dust off their credentials and get their hands dirty creating house and senate district maps that are relatively even in population, so that no one representative in government has more constituents than their colleagues. […]

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