Glowrious George

GlowriousGeorgeProprietor of Richmond St Tattoo, Glowrious George, lends a particular feature to the shop. His bodysuit features black light tattoos, which provide an impressive glow in the right setting.

“My original tattoo work was all done in pastels and I almost got to a three-quarter bodysuit,” George says about the origins of the black light tattoos. “A unique pigment that registered pastel in regular lights and reflected back beautiful bright glows in black light became available, so I decided to finish my bodysuit in black light pigments.

“Unfortunately those pigments are no longer available,” George adds. “The pigments that are available now do not reflect as bright.”


The glow isn’t noticeable to the naked eye, though they do look different than most tattoos due to the pastel colors and lack of black outlines. They are astoundingly bright in regular light, and people sometimes notice the UV as it reflects off of water or sand.

“Seeing it is the only way to understand it,” he says.

Check out the Richmond St Tattoo website at to see the glowrious art!