Got Beer?

Got Beer? The Plot Thickens: Foolproof’s Forecast Chapter 5 is a beerfast of champions

Foolproof continues to expand its versatility, and there’s no better example of that than the Forecast series. This series of limited edition brews is full of unique and interesting offerings, almost always breaking some kind of mold, and as Part 77 of my infinity part series looking at locally made craft beer, I decided to try some Forecast Chapter 5.

In books, Chapter 5 is usually where the plot starts to pick up speed, so when I saw that this brew was labeled a “New England Breakfast Ale,” I thought to myself, “Well, there’s a twist!” It’s always nice to see a special brew that isn’t just a double IPA with an obscure hop hybrid, but I wondered just what a New England breakfast would be considered. Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and a bagel? The scent of fresh pine and ice as one carves their car out of a snow bank in the morning?

The label says it’s made with allspice, vanilla and maple. I was surprised that coffee didn’t make the list, but then I thought about it, and while I love coffee beers, I also love creativity and deviating from the norm. So let’s dive in.


It pours a reddish amber with delicate lacing and smells mostly of maltiness with some vanilla and a hint of maple. The first taste is exactly what I was promised, but with a little of the spice lingering on the palate after the beer has gone down. I’m reminded of caramel, molasses, dark brown sugar, maple and other sweet flavors one usually associates with a pile of pancakes. It’s quite delicious, actually, and drives home the point that not every “breakfast” beer needs to be a thick oatmeal coffee milk stout with a high ABV. This brewed confection comes in at a modest 5%, and while that might not be what you’re looking for, I remind you that this is breakfast, and a little moderation is justified.

I think what I like best about this beer is how smooth it is, while still being complex and interesting. If one were bold enough to do a beer breakfast, as opposed to a beer dinner, I’d consider deviating from the label’s advice of pairing it with bacon and eggs. Instead, I think it would be amazing with French toast, pancakes or waffles, or perhaps even reduced into a syrup for the aforementioned plates.

I suppose it could stand on its own, but I’d pair it with food. After all, I’m not in college anymore; I can’t have beer for breakfast and then roll into astronomy class half in the bag, giggling helplessly at the name Uranus. I have to be an adult. So instead, I’ll have a full breakfast, go to work, and giggle endlessly at the name “Peter.”