How They Roll: Nothing says summer like food trucks

The scent of freshly fried foods, the sound of a live local musician and the warm summer breeze can only mean one thing. It’s Food Truck Friday season! Every Friday from April to September — for the last 7 years — hundreds of people have flocked to Roger Williams Park Zoo and Carousel Village to sample some of the best food Rhode Island has to offer from four wheels. 

Food Truck Friday and many other food truck events around the state are hosted by PVD Food Truck Events in affiliation with is a national database that represents more than 8,000 food trucks in over 1,800 US cities. Rhode Island native and founder of both, Eric Weiner, describes his events as the “cross section” or “melting pot” of all Rhode Island culture. Each unique cuisine represents a culture or a creator that helps make up Rhode Island’s diversity.

PVD Food Truck Events hosts events statewide from Safe Harbor New England in Portsmouth to The Assembly Theater in Burrillville to Diamond Hill State Park in Cumberland. Weiner expressed how exciting it is to see his efforts not only help others experience Rhode Island through food, but when people seek out food truck events through, they are able to visit places around Rhode Island that they did not know existed. Showcasing local entrepreneurs who are passionate about the food they create and helping people uncover hidden gems is Weiner’s true passion. “I love when we see people come to every event we host,” he said. “After seven years, you get to know people and build a community.”


PVD Food Trucks Events currently supports over 75 local food trucks across all of their events. Events are typically held once a month at each location. For more information on when each event, including Food Truck Fridays, takes place, follow @pvd_foodtruckevents on Instagram or visit to find the events closest to you. All events and trucks follow local COVID-19 protocols and regulations. 


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