In Their Own Words: Election 2020

We contacted candidates in what we consider the hottest local races of the 2020 election and asked each of them the same set of questions, with the promise to print their answers only lightly edited for clarity. Surprisingly, we only received responses from Democratic contenders. We were left only to speculate about the reason. Is it distrust of the media, nurtured by our Commander in Chief? Do they not check their voicemail? Perhaps it’s simple arrogance. Guess we’ll never know. 

Megan Cotter (D), House District 39

Maria Bucci (D), Mayor of Cranston

Alana DiMario (D), Senate District 36

Jennifer Douglas (D), Senate District 34

Brandon Potter (D), House District 16

Scott Guthrie (D), House District 28

Paul Roselli (D) RI Senate District 23