January Pin Up of the Month: Citizen Toxie

What’s your biggest pet peeve?
People who express loud and extremely confident points of view while being completely uninformed. Loud and wrong is not a good look on anyone.

What do you never leave home without?
Breath mints. Fresh breath, even while playing roller derby – it’s the right thing to do as a team player. Plus, I like to be minty fresh.

Favorite book?
I read constantly. I generally get obsessed with whatever I’m reading while I’m reading it. I’m easily amused.


Favorite movie?
I have a list of 20 favorite movies. Top 3: The Empire Strikes Back, 12 Monkeys, Blade Runner. I feel like I’m cheating on 17 other movies by picking 3!

Favorite TV show?
It will always be “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”. Always. Years pass and there are so many shows that I love, but #1 will always be BTVS.

Best derby wound story?
During one bout, I let down my guard for just a moment (never a good idea!). A skater came out of nowhere and hit me so hard that we both flew into the air. I landed on the asphalt track at the same time she landed on top of me. Of course, I went back in and played the rest of the bout. It takes more than a completely and permanently dented butt cheek to keep any of us off the track (three years later and the dent remains). For several days after the adrenaline faded, there was limping and a bruise that was bigger than the sun.

Tell us a secret!
I believe that when choosing a relationship there are two things that matter: 1) You should choose a person who makes you laugh. 2) You should to choose the person whose annoying habits you can stand the most. The secret is that I’m a true romantic.