January Pin Up of the Month: Lydia Marie Lis

Occupation: Classical violinist
Hometown: Jamestown, RI

Watering Hole: I enjoy going to Gracie’s on Washington Street in downtown Providence…amazing cocktails! I’m really into Petit Sirahs right now. French martinis are my go-to cocktail if I’m feeling girly, otherwise a nice vodka martini up with olives always hits the spot!

Global Warming: Well, I run so it’s nice that the roads aren’t all icy! Also, I’m a hunter and sitting in a deer stand for hours is much nicer with temperatures in the 50’s than the 20’s!


Politics: My politics are something I prefer to keep private, but if I were to support a candidate for the role of our president, they would have to believe in funding for education in the arts.

Favorite Movie: “The Lives of Others.” It’s a German film set in East Berlin in the ’80s in which an agent of the secret police conducts surveillance on a writer and his lover but finds himself becoming more and more absorbed by their fascinating lives. Sexy.

Favorite Ice Cream: Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food

Home State: Rhode Island is such a tight-knit state because it’s tiny, so the degree of separation is pretty interesting and unique! Plus, the food…I mean, clams casino and Johnny cakes?!?

Valentine’s Day: Ideally, we would have the whole day off together with plenty of time for…well, you know! Then we would go out for a nice drink or three and have an awesome dinner. Maybe finish the night off with some dancing, preferably meringue.

Random Thought: I always wanted to look like a pin-up!