January Pin Up of the Month: Robin DaPoints

No.  -1

Tagline: Robbin’ the Bitch to feed the Rich

Team: Old Money Honeys

Hometown: Mansfield,MA


Current town: Attleboro,MA

Occupation: Knockin’ bitches down

In 2012 I plan on kickin’ more ass and takin’ more names, making holes, breaking spirits, taking that trophy home & making jammers cry

What do I like about derby you ask…Hot chicks in short shorts

I like the movie ‘Whip It,’ drinking Gansett Light and partying at PVD Social Club and RISPCA

I didn’t make a New Year’s resolution. I think I’m in the clear… why mess with perfection

 Random thought: A hangover only lasts a day, but a good drinking story lasts forever