Journey of Snowflakes

You can determine the shape of snowflakes 
by surrounding conditions, the symmetry 
of dust particles frozen into crystals 
that sprout arms and legs different directions 
off one central core based on temperature. 
Each snowflake follows a different path 
from sky to ground, atmosphere that shapes it 
unique as prism, needle, or lace. 
A child crafts the shapes of snowflakes 
into snowball, snowman, or snowcave 
through the changes in atmosphere 
from height to height and fall to fall, 
cloud to ground and back again, 
world changing world, angry, happy, sad, 
one atom, one molecule, one heart, one brain, 
one of many, feeling, thought, the same breath, 
unique in the motivation to explore its origin, 
discover anew, then slowly melt away.