Riveters Rally to Victory at ECDX

Providence’s travel team, the Rhode Island Riveters, were plagued this year with injuries and zero wins going into the 2015 East Coast Derby Extravaganza, slipping from #78 to #98 in the WFTDA rankings. The event featured back-to-back bout days with PRD taking on Lansing Derby Vixens (#97) on Saturday and DC Rollergirls (#80) on Sunday.

Both bouts were intense and dramatic, and concluded with the final scores separated by single digits. Lansing came up on top with a 174-170 victory. However, on Sunday, Providence went above and beyond, coming out strong by toppling DC with an upsetting 197-191 victory! Interestingly, DC defeated Ithaca Sufferjets (#87) the previous day, also by six points.

Now it’s time to get geared up for when the season gets very interesting. Starting on Saturday, July 25, the home season starts for three straight months at the Alex & Ani City Center – the downtown Providence outdoor rink. The travel teams get broken up into three home teams: The Old Money Honeys, The Sakonnet River Roller Rats and The Mob Squad. Who will be this year’s Providence Roller Derby Home Season Champions? Tickets are available now for all three bouts: July 25, August 29 and September 19 at!