Law Trivia: Weird Holdover Laws Still in RI Books

Do you consider yourself a law-abiding citizen? See how much you know about these old laws still on the books.
1. It is illegal to throw this type of juice on a trolley.
2. It is illegal to ride this mode of transportation on a highway to test its speed.
3. When passing on the left, you must do this.
4. If your argument gets heated, avoid this at all cost.
5. Barrington residents can only collect a certain amount of this substance from the public beach.

1. Pickle. Throwing other types of juice is just considered rude.
2. A horse. Presumably, a steady trot is a-okay.
3. Give an audible warning. So that guy who blew by you giving you the finger and screaming about your mother was just following the rules!
4. Scheduling a duel. Instead, start throwing punches right away.
5. Seaweed – to use as fertilizer. If you are collecting it to throw it on a trolley, you can presumably take as much as you want.