Letter to the Editor: A Low Blow

In the December issue on page 13, I was surprised when Christians were called out in the title of a very nice and informative article on the history of the winter solstice. I looked for any connection to anything Christian related within the article and found nothing. So I consider the title and sub-title a blatant low-blow to Christians in general. I’m not trying to convert anyone, but here is a little history to explain and yes, defend that unnecessary dig: first off no Christian I know ever said we were the first people to engage in or that Bethlehem was the first place star gazing began. Christians don’t ordinarily celebrate winter or summer solstice because it tends to recognize the exchange of power between gods or the shifting of the god and goddess into a new form. Nature itself is worshiped. In general that is off limits to Christians because we only worship our God and his son Jesus Christ. So … please don’t use the title of an article for an underhanded insult to anyone or any group of people! Thank you from a loyal reader of Motif!