Love+Destroy: Form meets function with locally made cannabis accessories

Britni Sweet, founder of the 3-year-old cannabis company Love+Destroy — named for its founder’s love of weed and desire to destroy the stigma surrounding it — creates high-end, visually appealing cannabis accessories. Sweet is a designer by trade, which came in handy when she couldn’t find a cannabis product that met her needs for design and functionality. Out of her frustration, her cross bar pipe was born. Two bars at the bottom of the bowl prevent the piece from tipping over and spilling its contents, and its sleek design makes it a perfect curio when it’s not in use. Her products are created using ceramic or metal 3D printing to ensure indestructibility.

Much like drinking often comes with a favorite glass, marijuana allows for your favorite device, and Love+Destroy is a perfect place to find it. The metal one-hit Hex Pipe makes my dreams come true. It’s for regular, on-the-go use and is small enough to stash in a clutch or pocket.

Love+Destroy puts a modern twist on marijuana use. In addition to her pipes and ashtrays, Sweet makes hand-poured candles, CBD potions, herbal blends (such as lavender, which is a game changer!) and balms. Her flower is organic and locally sourced.


“If everyone just smoked weed the world would be a better place. Weed represents unity. I’ve never been surrounded by a bunch of stoners and felt anything but connection,” says Sweet. Take a look at the dynamic of smoking weed. People are usually huddled together sharing something they all enjoy regardless of their other preferences in life. Weed starts conversations and gets people to engage with each other, which is something that our society is starting to seriously lack.

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