Writing on the Wall: New East Providence mural celebrates nurses

A new piece of art recently appeared on a wall in East Providence, on the side of the mixed-use industrial building at 89 Valley Street.

Muralist Sam White, along with his assistant Julia Gazzara, completed the mural, titled “Love for Nurses,” on Tuesday, May 19. The piece, which was commissioned by the Valley Street building’s owner, is rendered in White’s signature graphic style and pays tribute to the healthcare workers caring for those battling COVID-19.

White says of the piece, “My heart goes out to all the nurses out there who are putting their own lives on the line day in and day out. God knows, there are many workers who are putting themselves at risk so that society can continue to function through this pandemic, but I feel like the nurses deserve special thanks for the work that they do. As a muralist, I thought there was an opportunity here to be one more voice saying thank you.”


View the piece at 89 Valley Street. For more information, go to