Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes

lunarnotesSLIDEAries: It’s party time for Aries this month as the Ram takes the time to enjoy life. Romance, entertainment, gambling and speculative ventures appeal; time to let the inner child out to play. Be wary of joint finances; make sure one knows what the other is doing. As August draws to a close, Aries switches to the work mode with ease.

Taurus: The focus is on family members and home life. The challenge is maintaining the balance between home/career, your needs and the needs of others in your life. A change in the domestic scene could be as simple as rearranging the furniture or things could get complicated. Don’t let anger drive the discussions. Be cool.

Gemini: Gemini is in for a busy time this month. Family contacts, brothers, sisters, neighbors and relatives from afar, you make contact with them all. This is a time for exchanging ideas, news, letters and documents.  Try not to scatter your energy and stay focused. Deal with co-workers no matter how troublesome the issue.

Cancer: Personal income, belongings, gifts, bonuses and purchases — the spotlight is on money. It’s not a good time to speculate or gamble. Be conservative with your money. Leisure time activities may cost more than expected. Don’t loan money to your kids or your friends. Stay clear of folks who are into power and control.

Leo: Leo is looking for change, could be a new hairdo, new outfit or new curtains. Your popularity peaks. A parent or authority figure may be cause for concern. Discussions with family or a significant other bring up some deep rooted issues. It’s that old balancing act, me/you, public/private, what’s mine, what’s yours.

Virgo: This is a good time for dealing with confidential matters or things that need to be kept hidden. Quiet contemplation and meditation can be of great benefit now. As you confront your limitations or problems, hidden talents emerge. Read the fine print before you sign anything. Someone may not have your best interests at heart.

Libra: Social ties, group activities and friends keep you occupied this month. This is a good time to network and expand that network. Be careful with money; don’t let your social life ruin the budget. Beware of financial dealings with friends. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.  Reevaluate your goals.

Scorpio: Dealing with government officials, authority figures or the boss tests your patience. Be cool and deal with it. You may reach a goal this month, come to the attention of the public or be honored for a job well done. A compromise may be required on the job. Set your boundaries, take care of your responsibilities, and don’t take on the tasks of others.

Sagittarius: Opening your mind to new possibilities and opportunities, you make long-range plans for the future. There may be some legal activity involved. A possibility of long distance travel or news from afar, either or both, gets you thinking. Hold off on any final decisions until late August. Your judgment is off and there are hidden matters you are not aware of.  Patience; all will be revealed.

Capricorn: Amidst financial dealings with others, you are aware of a subtle energy floating around — not your usual modus operandi. You’re opening up to your feelings and emotions and taking a look at your inner self. You have encounters with people who bring out your emotional side.  Dig in, Capricorn; it’s all good.

Aquarius: Partners, teammates and allies of all sorts are in your life now as you work with others to improve understanding. Not so easy to do during this period as you face aggravating situations and difficult people. On-the-job romance or with someone in authority is not a good idea now.  Reputations suffer.

Pisces: The emphasis is on health and well-being, physical, mental and emotional. Start off with proper nutrition. Job and employment matters having to do with your daily routine and work space come up — perhaps a move or reorganizing is on the agenda. Don’t overwork or overdo. Be sure to get proper rest.