Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes

Aries: Aries faces a mixed bag of energy this period. Some things that were on hold involving money or a relationship begin to move forward again. At the same time, there are some snags involving news from afar, signing of papers and some scheduling snafus. You are busy, but are really longing for some down time.

Taurus: Some financial issues deserve some close scrutiny before signing or agreeing to anything. You maintain a pleasant relationship with colleagues and coworkers. These folks bring you the opportunity to attend social events and other fun stuff. A friend offers some spiritual advice or may simply be a quiet, supportive presence.

Gemini: There is a lot going on in your life during this period. You can handle all of it, switching from one person or issue to another with ease. An exciting person from the past returns and lends some sizzle to your social life. This could be really romantic and exciting, but not have a lot of stability. You crave some meaningful conversation.

Cancer: A sudden change in your personal and/or professional life requires some quick adjustments. You do not feel comfortable with these changes. Your sense of security is threatened. Relax, these changes are not necessarily bad. Much of this will bring you great benefit, so hang in there.

Leo: You are so ready for the upcoming holiday season. Your festivities start early. You are the social center of your universe with fun people, events and sparkling conversation surrounding you. In the middle of all this are some responsibilities, physical and financial, that must be attended to. You manage quite well.

Virgo: An inheritance, tax rebate or insurance payment finally comes through. You may have earmarked those funds for home improvements and are breathing a sigh of relief. Conversations ratchet up the heat and require some diplomacy. Problem is, these folks are not making themselves clear. Get the facts, then proceed.

Libra: A relationship that was running smoothly takes an unexpected turn. You remain pleasant and comforting in the face of some unusual conversations and events. A far-away someone moves into your orbit. You couldn’t be happier as you want to expand, meet and learn about the new and different.

Scorpio: You get a jump on some tax business in an effort to come out on top. You get more information about this and other projects in your life as this period unfolds. Someone in your world is involved in a secret romance. When this comes to light it shocks a lot of people, even you. Or is it you who is involved in this secret romance?

Sagittarius: You come into your own during this period. Things are brightening and lightening up for you. This does not mean you can neglect your responsibilities. Indeed, you are forced to pay attention to budgetary matters. Forget the spending spree for a while. Some relationships become important. Now, that is interesting!  

Capricorn: A tug of war within is going on between the public and private you. While things in your public world are not unpleasant, you feel the tug from the need for privacy and some down time. Responsibility is there. One must pay the electric bill. You find you need to work to maintain that balance between what is necessary and what you want.

Aquarius: This period ushers in the opportune time for you to plan for the future and network like crazy. Networking is no problem at this time as friends, colleagues and acquaintances are clamoring at your door. Take the fun when it comes. You know beneath it all you are preparing for a change down the road. No worries, all good.

Pisces: You receive an early Christmas present, either a raise or some sort of recognition for a job well done. Those in authority look favorably upon you. Some of your old friends prove their loyalty. Your energy is high now and you would do well to try and channel it in a positive way. Love and money require some thought.