Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes

Aries: Career matters and your public persona clash with many things you would like to keep private — things like love, money and your changing philosophy. You’re not always so secretive, but these days you want to have your ducks in a row before you pull the big reveal.

Taurus: Some lovely and pleasant people engage you in some deep, probing conversation. You’re examining some long-held beliefs and these chats are helping you clarify your thoughts. A far-away friend offers some sage advice. Something/someone very social and romantic is heading your way.

Gemini: You enjoy the holiday season with many an invitation and some romance right on your doorstep. You may have trouble keeping up with it all. But come the New Year, the party’s over. It may hit you like a ton of bricks if you haven’t been keeping track of spending. To add to your anxiety, authority figures are not very clear about the road ahead.

Cancer: Through the holiday season and beyond, relationships — the good, bad and ugly — all keep you guessing.  And you keep some folks guessing as well. 2019’s first solar eclipse falls in your relationship sector, so expect changes in that area. The wisdom here is those that pass out of your life have served their purpose.

Leo: You give up your usual center stage position and remain in the background observing those around you. Some introspection is going on with you during this holiday season. With the New Year, expect some fuzziness around finances and some changes in daily routine and co-workers.

Virgo: Some relationships become puzzling. You are not sure where they are coming from as they are not being clear. They might not even know themselves. As the New Year approaches, you find new ways to express yourself.  You’re in a no-nonsense mood and those puzzling folks better get their act together.

Libra: Just when you thought things were settling down, up sprouts some surprising events and actions by those around you. Some of this rocks your foundation and gives you pause. Some deep thought is required and some changes made in your private life. The New Year brings more socializing. Just what you need.

Scorpio: News, information and a variety of viewpoints cross your radar. A new idea may result in some added income. The Solstice season brings with it lots of social events and contact with some fun-loving folks. There may be someone special in that mix, but they are giving out mixed messages. What to do? Trust your gut feeling.

Sagittarius: You may not be feeling so festive this season as you have taken hold of your finances and are in no mood for a splurge. Cheer up; after the New Year things begin to look up with some nice people and invites heading your way. That does not mean you can throw the budget out the window, but you can enjoy yourself.  

Capricorn: You enjoy the Solstice season with friends, acquaintances and some eccentric family members. It is a busy time for you — more than usual. After the New Year, you feel you need to change something in your life. Could be something major or simply a new hairdo or wardrobe change. No worries, you’re ready.

Aquarius: You may have trouble figuring out where the money went. Keep your receipts and keep track of what you are spending. Don’t let the season of joy cause you grief down the road. The New Year brings some serious housecleaning, literally and figuratively. You’re cleaning out the attic of your mind. It’s getting dusty up there.

Pisces: You’re very much in the public eye during this Solstice season. Old friends, new friends and some not so friendly cross your path as you hit the holiday circuit. New Year brings super resolution time for you. Your plans for the future change due to circumstances, attitude changes and some opportunities that head your way.