Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes

Aries: The ups and downs of recent years served as a prompt for you to reevaluate what is important to you. Unexpected results from prior actions change your future direction. The money situation rocks like a roller coaster; this also serves to shift your priorities. This period brings people and social events to you.

Taurus: A new day for you promises change. You initiate those changes. Some are quite visible and deal with the material world, other changes are not so easy to articulate. A change in attitude on your part surprises some. On the inner plane, what you want and what keeps you happy is changing as well. 

Gemini: While you are up-front, outspoken and in their face, folks might not realize how much is going on with you beneath the surface. When it comes to romance, money and the things and people you value, you will be the aggressor, surprising some. Soon you will have a much-needed conversation with a certain someone.

Cancer: Your circle of friends keeps you active. Some are behaving strangely, keeping you guessing. While a new acquaintance shocks you, in many ways you are nonetheless fascinated by this person. Some of your own actions keep people guessing. In some cases, you get results you did not expect.

Leo: You head in a new direction surprising those who know you well. Your interest grows in areas that are somewhat foreign to you – different cultures, languages and artistic expression all play a part as your world opens. This opening brings you more of those things and people that bring you joy.

Virgo: Your world view is expanding, and you begin to see possibilities that you never dreamed existed. There’s a dynamic tension between your inner and outer life. The public you and the private you are two different people. Some soul searching is in order. A spiritual advisor proves valuable. Beware of frauds on that front.      

Libra: Some heavy involvement with talkative, quirky and just plain different people spices up your routine. Conversations range from the petty to the profound. This serves to open your mind to the big picture. A very independent type enters your life. While attractive, their go-it-alone attitude does not sit well with you. 

Scorpio: Startling conversation from those close to you arouses your suspicions, your curiosity and puts your analytical skills to use. Never a trusting one, you question every word and act coming from others. These folks are not necessarily untrustworthy, they are simply acting in an unorthodox manner. A helpful woman aids in sorting things out.

Sagittarius: New methods and technology streamline your daily routine and make your workload lighter. You’re interested in something educational — a class, lecture or seminar that also improves your routine. It is not all work and no play, though. Some joy comes your way through social contacts, romantic interests and sporting events.  

Capricorn: You escape from the dull days that have occupied you in recent days. Romance, frivolity and unusual social activities lighten your existence. Exciting conversations take place as friends and lovers put forth some radical ideas. You still need convincing, but your mind is opening up to the spiritual.

Aquarius: A desire to change your surroundings pulls some creative ideas from your subconscious. You may have been thinking about these changes on an unconscious level, but now, up pop these ideas. In the meantime, your world of friendships expands, becoming more inclusive. A passionate someone arouses your passions.

Pisces: Some unconventional and bizarre events and people cross your path on a daily basis. It certainly keeps things lively. New possibilities present themselves and you consider a change in career or life’s direction. A lot of chatter at work may result in some new information coming your way. Old friends come through for you.