Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes

Aries: Concerns about what’s mine, what’s yours and what’s ours has you thinking about boundaries as well. Don’t think about it as keeping you corralled, but rather as keeping folks out. You need your space and you need to make it yours and yours alone. You might get a bit aggressive about this, and that is OK.

Taurus: Recent events keep you bouncing off the walls. Reach deep inside for your inner strength, you’ve plenty of it, and use it to steady you as you navigate the sudden and unexpected. Friends take you away from the material world and lead you into an exploration of the spiritual and mystical. Crazy, but this is working for you.

Gemini: A wise counselor, a friend or other significant person in your life brings lively conversation and new information into your life. You’re happy about this as you begin to look beyond the immediate and try and get the big picture. There is some concern about cash flow and figuring out what your priorities are.

Cancer: You find yourself more crabby than usual. Perhaps not, perhaps it is simply that you are more inclined to express yourself forthrightly and not beat around the bush. It is also a reaction to those who are trying to exert control over you. You are having none of it. A friendship takes an unusual turn.

Leo: The light shines upon you during this period. You are comfortable in the spotlight and enjoy some favorable reviews. Authority figures are hard to figure out these days, as their actions come out of left field. You enjoy lively conversations with folks who share the same ideals and love the things you do.

Virgo: Contact with folks from different backgrounds and from faraway places intrigues you and opens your mind to the many possibilities and paths available to you. Time to book that flight or at least to begin planning that dream trip. Unexpected events place you on a new road. A friend becomes petulant and expects some tea and sympathy.

Libra: Far-reaching conversations, interesting people and the fuzzy/foggy folks in your life create a revolution in your thinking. Hold on to your hat because you are going on a journey, a journey of the mind and heart. At the same time, practical matters keep you grounded in the real world. Some things you can’t escape.

Scorpio: Relationships are full of surprises these days. Some very loving ones shift into some peculiar territory. The shocking, the mystical and the down right belligerent all have their turn at bat. You are good at deflecting, but you really do want to engage in those deeply probing conversations. Go for it.

Sagittarius: Lots of talking going on between you and some significant people in your life. Some are acting normally, while others are out there in the stratosphere. It’s all good because you are open to new ideas, new experiences and new people, so you welcome the weird ones. Finances need some juggling.

Capricorn: The serious side of life has been weighing you down. It won’t go away, but during this period you have the opportunity to enjoy some exciting times, exciting people and the more lighthearted side of life. Don’t let an emotionally overwrought someone get in your face. They are dealing with their stuff; it’s not yours.

Aquarius: Events disrupt and rock your foundation. You keep steady in the face of all this disruption.  This too shall pass. Take the time to enjoy life with like-minded friends. There is a gift there, of the spirit and/or of the mind. You need it, your intellectual curiosity won’t quit. Get out and explore the universe.

Pisces: Conversations, crazy commutes and quirky neighbors keep you on your toes. Some of this confuses you. An old friend who is as solid as a rock helps you to clear up some of this confusion. Your life is moving in a direction you never expected. As your world opens up, be sure to get clear about where you want to go.