Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes

Aries: People catch your attention, enter your life and occupy you in myriad ways. Some excite your exploratory nature, sending you on a new adventure, literally or figuratively. Either way, you are ready to roll.  Some pesky boss-type figure reminds you of your responsibilities. Take care of business and plan ahead.  

Taurus: Despite the continuing upheaval in your life you manage to put things in order, organizing your work space and straightening out your daily routine. Someone appeals to your sensual side while lighting a spark of spirituality. It’s an unlikely combination that is worth your attention. Could get passionate. 

Gemini: You get the last word in, finishing up with some unpleasantness before you move on to more pleasant pastimes. You set out to do the things you love, those activities that bring you joy. Money concerns enter the picture requiring serious thought and long-term planning. Stay focused. 


Cancer: The action centers around the home, which is fine with you.  Entertaining, conversation and organization all look lovely on the home front. Recent events have shifted your goals, and down time at home helps to assimilate your new ideas. Some folks want you to grow and expand, others want to keep you in a box. Your decision. 

Leo: A full schedule requires tapping into your reserves of strength in order to keep going. Matters of substance need to be addressed and the light-hearted and frivolous shouldn’t be ignored. A juggling act for you. Unexpected disruptions alter the schedule, but you keep on course. That light-hearted stuff can be a life saver. 

Virgo: You do a lot of thinking about what’s important to you. Things are changing there; your value system has been challenged, forcing you to rethink a lot of basic assumptions you have been living with. You assert yourself, letting those around you know where you stand — that is, if you’ve figured it out yourself. 

Libra: Your sense of self is clearer than ever. Your instincts are right on target. You attract and bring positive and encouraging people into your life.  As you express your true self, you articulate your needs and wants. While active, things ratchet up as September rolls into October, and then you are ready to take action. 

Scorpio: You feel the need to draw into yourself, to contemplate and reflect. Tough Scorpio has a sensitive side and you are feeling a little vulnerable now. Something important is going on beneath the surface with you.   There’s a spiritual component to all your musings. A practical friend guides the way, believe it or not.    

Sagittarius: A few final words, kind or otherwise, need to be said before you move on. You are looking to the future and don’t want to leave anything unsaid or undone. Your time is spent with like-minded people who listen, enjoy and respond to your new ideas and plans for the future. This is a congenial group with lots of give and take. 

Capricorn: Destiny calls. May not be as earth shattering as it sounds, simply a shift in direction. Something new heads your way, assisted by a helpful authority figure. You plan carefully, making each step count. You are aware that something bigger is going on here. Your intuitive self recognizes it, and you are in sync with that intuition.  

Aquarius: You get into some deep, philosophical discussions with your more worldly friends. You’re fascinated by differences and similarities in far-flung cultures. Friends provide social opportunities for you to mix and mingle with a variety of folks from different backgrounds. Keep a diary or write a book; something’s brewing. 

Pisces: While naturally sweet, gentle and trusting, suddenly you’re suspicious. These suspicions may be well-founded, but there is a strong possibility that you are not seeing things clearly. Get the facts before you act. Old friends, while changing, prove to be trustworthy. Upsets in your routine contribute to your confusion.