Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes

Aries: What’s up with Aries? Your thoughts shift into the deep and profound. What’s up is that you are trying to find out what’s up with the universe, your relationships and what is truly important in this life.  Where do you want to go? Some big questions here and you do need to think about it. No snap decisions — think it through.

Taurus: New ideas keep popping up that you freely share with the folks who matter to you. You find that relationships improve when there is a free exchange of ideas. It is not without some disagreement, though.  You’re changing and moving a lot of energy around. Some folks liked you better when you were in that same old rut. Tough!

Gemini: Some pesky financial details need to be finalized before you can move on. Once that is completed, versatile Gemini introduces new methods and routines to improve daily life. You’re always ready for a change-up. Friends and colleagues approve. The crisp fall weather gets you outdoors and active. Enjoy!


Cancer: You throw off the influence of those who wish to restrict and control you. It’s a brand new day and you are welcoming new people into your life — folks who are pleasant, passionate and interested in the things you love. There is some great fun in store for you. Artistic innovation on your part brings excitement into your life. 

Leo: Unexpected events cause you to re-group and re-think your security needs. It’s not necessarily about locks, keys and deadbolts. Things and people can bring a feeling of security. Conversation with helpful people brings about clarity in your thinking. There’s lots of action around the home and in the neighborhood. Beware of grumpy neighbors.

Virgo: Plans are still in the making, but you are close to finalization of those plans as this period draws to a close. In the lead-up to the New Moon on the 27th, you begin to take action. Romance or a money-making deal is possible through a connection in the neighborhood or around your daily routine. Helpful folks really do help.      

Libra: Time to reevaluate much that is going on in your life. You have been exposed to new ideas, wise people and the spiritual component of the human condition. There’s lots of heavy thinking going on with you. It may take time for you to get clear, but have no fear, you will. You are coming from a solid foundation. 

Scorpio: Folks keep rocking the boat and you don’t have your sea legs yet.  Get centered, stay calm and soon your stabilization will come from within. Scorpio is good at digging deep and you may have to during this period.  Not to worry — with Venus in your sign you attract money, love and the good things in life. Take the high road!

Sagittarius: No sense in trying to keep a secret; it’s all going to come out in the open anyway. Let the chips fall where they may. Some friends may disagree with you while others will act as peacemakers. You need both at this time. Take some quiet time and think things through before you take action.    

Capricorn: As you continue to make incremental changes, your thoughts gel and you gain clarity. Being clear brings confidence and as the New Moon approaches, you begin to make plans and take action. You know where you are heading at last. Someone fun-loving and unusual enters the picture. You’re ready!

Aquarius: You better hope no one asks you what is going on because you’re not really sure yourself. Not to worry — what you do know is you are heading in a new direction. You’re flexible and are trying things on for size. Disruptions on the home front are a blessing, helping you to unload some accumulated junk.

Pisces: In your search for the greater truth out there, your ideas about the universe have changed to a great degree. With all this in mind, you give serious thought to your future. Practical friends offer advice; listen, but go your own way. You intuit a great deal. Listen to that inner voice as well.