Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes

Aries: Trying to figure out how you want to use and direct your resources requires some serious thinking. The picture gets clearer after the 20th when Mercury goes direct. You’ll also get a boost of energy from Mars, especially in the area of shared resources. As December rolls around, you receive some favorable reviews. 

Taurus:  You find yourself facing a combative personality. You don’t respond in your usual manner, throwing this person off balance. They don’t have all the information. Don’t jump in too quickly; you may not have the info either. This issue sparks some inner dialogue with you. Serious thinking is called for.   

Gemini: Secrets come tumbling out. Be sure you have all the facts before you give credit to any rumors, especially in the workplace. After the New Moon on the 26th, things look different and you feel different. Relationships become more important to you and you make the effort to keep them running smoothly.  

Cancer: Some friends, or a friend, pull a shocker. You don’t know how to respond; maybe just don’t! There are plenty of helpful folks surrounding you during your daily routine. You get creative and manage to get some new idea or activity off the ground. A romantic interest or a new contact gets a bit serious. Are you ready?

Leo: Life keeps throwing you curve balls. You roll with it, even run with it.  What are you going to do? Know that something good will come of it all.  Romance, creativity and all the fun things you love to do appear on your doorstep. Thanksgiving week brings something new and different into your life. 

Virgo: While you are getting your house in order, you plan your escape to a faraway place – literally or figuratively. Items up for review revolve around the home and the lovely people and things that bring you joy. Your wants and needs are evolving; figure out what really matters then go for it.

Libra: The energy shifts as you tie up some loose ends concerning finances and possessions. As Thanksgiving approaches, you move into high gear.  You’re at home with holiday socializing and relish the congenial atmosphere. Expect an assist from a female friend or family member.  Examine finances again before the holiday push.    

Scorpio: You feel a big boost in energy as Mercury goes direct and Mars moves into Scorpio (the 19th and 20th). Mars in your sign brings plenty of energy and drive. You can get a lot done, but you may not have much patience. Take a breath, sleep on it even, before you take impulsive action. You have no tolerance for foolishness. 

Sagittarius: Can you keep a secret? You may be asked to. There may be ethical considerations to think about. More information comes through after the 20th. The New Moon on the 26th signals a new beginning for you.  You create some innovative solutions to some everyday problems.  

Capricorn: Your regular modus operandi of business as usual receives a shake-up as you explore some new and creative methods of expression. You are socially active, although at times you look for some solitude. As Thanksgiving approaches, you take the time to regroup. Some self-examination is in order.  

Aquarius: Juggling your public and private life requires some quick thinking and agile footwork on your part. News regarding your employment or an authority figure needs to be taken with a grain of salt.  Mercury direct on the 20th brings forth truth and clarity. As Thanksgiving approaches, get serious about making a wish list. It’s a good time for it.

Pisces: It seems like routine has been thrown out the window. It’s retty hard to plan with all these disruptions in your schedule. Remain flexible and enjoy some socializing with friends. Social contacts will prove beneficial to you further down the line. You are heading in a new direction, not sure where yet, but ready to make some changes.