Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes

In stressful time when fear and uncertainty rule the day, we find out what it is we truly need. In astrology, what you need is defined by your Moon, which rules the inner realms of our being, our instinctive reactions and the longing for security. How emotional you get is ruled by where your Moon is. In this month’s forecast, read your Sun sign as well as your Moon sign. If you don’t know your Moon sign, there are sites out there where you can plug in your birth data and get your chart.  

Aries: Impulsive, impatient and autonomous, Aries is a sign that does not adjust well to confinement. You don’t mind being alone; you can go it alone quite easily. What you don’t like is being told that you can’t go out and do what you feel like doing. It is important for you to remain active. Even if it is just a walk around the block, do it!

Taurus: You are comfortable with your stuff. Stuff you can see, feel and touch. The governor can assure you that the supermarket shelves will be stocked, but you won’t feel safe and comfortable until your shelves are stocked. You may have a tendency to overstock. Think! How many rolls of toilet paper do you really need?

Gemini: As a mutable air sign, you get bored easily. You need intellectual stimulation. Late, breaking news, puzzles, games and conversation keep you on an even keel. To keep occupied and calm during this crisis, become the news dispenser among your circle of friends and family. It will satisfy your need for communication and conversation.

Cancer: You have no problem staying home, indeed you are more comfortable there. But you need to feel safe, secure and know that you will have a home. Know that you are not alone, and safety nets are being prepared for those who are vulnerable. Taking care of yourself and those around you will ease your anxiety. Don’t let your emotions overtake you. 

Leo: No matter what happens, you have a basic optimism and hope that all will be well. You can use this sunny side of your nature to reassure those around you. No matter what happens and what circumstance you find yourself in, your basic belief system will never fail you. Your motto: Life is worth living. 

Virgo: You like things to be perfect and have all in order. When society goes awry, it disturbs you. Dig into the statistics; you love all those details. Perusing the peaks and valleys has a calming influence on you. You are good at planning ahead, so you should already be in good shape for the future. 

Libra: You are among the people who need people. Social isolation is difficult for you. You need to make the effort to reach out and connect in ways that are possible during this period. Phone calls, texts and messaging all work for you. Organize a cyber meeting to keep you connected. Your social skills are needed now.

Scorpio: You have no problem with being alone. You can be overly emotional if you let yourself fall into an emotional go-round. You also have great spiritual capabilities, and this is the time to tap into that. You have a need to get to the bottom of things, so use that to study whatever attracts you at this time. You would love to “know.”

Sagittarius: You are basically optimistic. In situations like this, you do see the big picture and understand why certain measure have to be taken. That does not make it any easier for you to stay put. You like to be on the move, and this situation is cramping your style. Calm yourself with planning your next vacation. The farther away and the more exotic, the better.

Capricorn: You can be your own worst enemy. Uncertainty drives you nuts. Delve into the facts of the situation. Find out what is real and what isn’t.  You will feel much better when you have that solid foundation of facts.  With the data collected, you can figure out where you are going next, calmly and efficiently.

Aquarius: You are an individualist. Your response to this crisis may take some by surprise, and you’re surprised by their reaction because to you, your reaction is no big deal. When you start to get cabin fever, you will think of original and innovative activities that will keep you from climbing the walls. Share them with the rest of us.

Pisces: You have a strong desire to help those in need. The big problem for you could be establishing limits and boundaries. You need your space in order to stay healthy — physically, mentally and spiritually. It is ok to say, “No, I cannot do this.” You have a pipeline to the spiritual; use it.