Lunar Notes

June opens with a major event, a Lunar eclipse. This eclipse falls across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. Both are intellectual signs with Gemini being more attuned to your “everyday” mind while Sagittarius occupies itself with those big philosophical questions. In the planetary picture at this eclipse, Mars plays an important role. Placed at a 90-degree angle between the Sun and Moon, Mars, the planet of action, is bound to stir things up. Expect some explosive activity around June 13th when Mars gets cozy with Neptune.  First and foremost in our minds these days is the virus. With Mars ruling fevers and Neptune ruling virus, the results of careless actions on Memorial Day weekend will be evident. Mars is a bad boy and Neptune is a deceiver.  Gas, oil, environment, fights, flames and volcanic activity are all on the table. Other dates to watch are the 18th when Mercury goes retrograde and the 25th when Venus goes direct. In between those dates we have the Summer Solstice, a Solar Eclipse and Neptune going retrograde. Be ready; change is in the air.  

Aries: It may take some time to kick start your social life while Venus is retrograde. You are thinking things over and may prefer to direct your attention to shoring up your foundation. That’s not to say you are not going to get out there and boogie, but you are going to pick and choose your social contacts. You favor your old friends now.

Taurus: While the world has turned upside down for everyone, it is especially true for you. The weirdness continues. While you are taking a second look at what has always been important to you, you are having some productive and meaningful conversations with those close to you.  You may change your mind about something important. 

Gemini: With the Lunar eclipse activating your 1st and 7th house, you and “the other person,” as well as Venus retrograde in Gemini, relationships are on your mind. Some crisis may occur this month putting certain relationships up for review. When Venus goes direct on the 25th, you will get a clearer picture of what the issues are. 

Cancer: You have been doing a lot of digging into what is under the surface, with yourself and those around you. From deep within comes some startling insights. New and unusual friends spark up your life. The Solar eclipse on the 21st signals change. Change may not be overnight; the eclipse plants a seed. Nurture that seed. 

Leo: Some relationships have been challenging of late, prompting a review of what and where you want to go in your life. Any changes that come will come from within. These changes may not be apparent to others, but will be deep and profound for you. Before you manifest those changes, there needs to be some organizing done. Get to it!

Virgo: The planetary energy in June rocks your world. You are not sure where people are coming from. Some folks get aggressive and you can’t figure out why. They don’t know either. Some conversation with trusted people helps to get to the bottom of things. You consider making changes to your plans for the future.

Libra: All this down time and social distancing has changed your way of thinking. There may be a change in career or direction as well. This may come about from your own desires rather than an outside event. Either way, it more or less falls into your own plans, even if those plans were vague and unconscious. Someone from a different background than you are used to intrigues.

Scorpio: The money situation is like a roller coaster. The cash influx you were expecting may not arrive until month’s end. Not to worry, it will arrive at the right time. You are thinking those big thoughts and planning what, when and where you want to go next in your life. Some folks continue to shock you. 

Sagittarius: The Lunar eclipse is right on you. A Full Moon event, with Venus retrograde in your 7th house — can you say relationship issues? And money issues as well. This may have to do with property, cash and other resources held in common. These issues may not get sorted out until mid-July. Until then, carry on.

Capricorn: It’s a mixed bag with the folks around you these days. Some are very pleasant, with interesting and pleasant conversations. Others have you scratching your head. Someone who is usually laid back and passive comes on strong, but is not clear in their expressions. Let them let off steam and try to figure it all out later. 

Aquarius: Be on the lookout for the disappearing dollar. Try to catch it before it vanishes. This means pay close attention to those everyday expenditures. They do have a way of adding up. As the months unfolds, Venus goes direct and your love life and social life receives a boost. Solar eclipse on the 21st brings a change in routine. 

Pisces: Mars in your sign brings a lot of energy and inspires you to get moving. Recent events have had you juggling the public and private you.  Both are important, Mars now says, you need your space and it is time to take it. You surprise folks when you come on stronger than usual. Remember: Be assertive, not aggressive.