Lunar Notes

Aries: Your ruler, Mars, goes retrograde this month. Mars brings energy, while retrograde you might be rethinking about how, why and the ways you use your energy. A lot of conversations take place where you give voice to your ideas. A change in life direction, diet, exercise may be on the menu.  You get creative. 

Taurus: Some area of your life is in the finishing up stage. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot, or in any other part of your anatomy. September is the time to get creative with your ideas for the future. Circumstances now may prevent major change, but it is also a good time to plan and gather your resources together. Be ready when opportunity arrives. 

Gemini: There is a shift from your very public life to your very private life.   While there is some soul searching and inner digging around in your psyche, you have plenty of time to socialize and get out on the town with friends. Go for it. And profit from this inner search by focusing your attention on who and what you really are.


Cancer: Problematic relationships improve when communication improves. You have been working on that and you begin to see some improvement as September progresses. An unusual friend or acquaintance offers up some financial advice. The spotlight is on your home base as that is where your money and your mind is these days. 

Leo: The budget requires a balancing act. Some things you think you absolutely must have are not really that necessary. They may be pretty, but they are not necessary. Certain things do feed the soul, so may be worth the expenditure. You are working out ways to work from home, in a new office or just redoing an old space.   

Virgo: The Full Moon at the beginning of the month triggers some relationship issues that may not get resolved until the New Moon on the 17th. Use the interim to think things through and figure out what it is you really want. Someone may want to commit or quit. Be clear about what you want and make sure the other person is too.

Libra: Relationships bounce from loving and compassionate to argumentative and aggressive. You are dealing with all types. As the month progresses, solutions bubble up from your subconscious and you effectively deal with the various personalities involved. Some require a soft word, others an iron hand. You know what to do. 

Scorpio: While the world is feeling constrained, you walk freely in the realms of the imagination. Your creativity has been activated and you are becoming more spiritual. Some may think that you are “way out there.” In reality you are quite grounded and deal with all of this in a practical manner. Along with the spiritual side of things you feel the need to get active. Exercise, work and physical activity appeal. 

Sagittarius: Discussions with friends and significant others revolve around morals, values and what is truly important and worthwhile in this world.   You shift your focus, which may or may not shift your direction in life.  Changing direction requires more thought, more conversation and most of all, the desire to change. So, what’s up?

Capricorn: Your world expands and contracts at the same time. Crazy, but true. In some areas you feel like you can reach for the Moon, or at least see it. In other areas you feel like you are stuck in a rut. Toward the end of the month you begin to see new ways around the restrictions and work better with what must be done.

Aquarius: Unloading baggage is the name of the game with you these days.  It is material, mental and spiritual baggage that you have been carrying around for years. This is a slow process, but some unexpected events move things along. You are learning to let go. Sometimes you have to let go. Go easy on yourself. 

Pisces: Disruption, interruption and other glitches upset your schedule.  Relax and go with it. Some unexpected encounters prove beneficial to you.  Your social life picks up and some interesting people enter your orbit. Some are wise and offer practical suggestions. Pleasant working conditions keep you calm.