Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes

There may be more than one “October Surprise” this month as Retrograde Mars kicks it up once again with Pluto and Jupiter.  Mercury goes Retrograde on the 13th, creating the usual difficulties with communication and commutes. Hold onto your hat between the Full Moon on the 1st through the Last Quarter on the 9th. The New Moon on the 16th kicks off another round of surprises. Pay attention on and around the 19th. Could be a time of shockers.

Aries: Don’t let misplaced anger get you into trouble. Why are you angry? Who are you angry at? Is it really anger or simply frustration because you can’t seem to get your point across? Time to regroup and rethink. Mercury goes retrograde on the 13th, a good energy under which to mull things over. Wait until early November to take action. 

Taurus: Things you have been mulling over in your heart and mind surface and require some intense conversations. You may not be able to keep things pleasant, but it is important for you to say what you want to say. You’re changing and some folks want the same old you. That is not happening.  State your case and move on.

Gemini: Your sociable friends come on a little strong during this period.  Some may need to chill out. There is not much you can do about it, as it is their stuff and they have to deal with it. You can only listen to so much.  Time to take care of your own stuff. This could be simply organizing and putting things in order. Clear the mind. 

Cancer: Serious encounters with your significant others can agitate and upset you. Clear things up with those controlling folks and step into a more positive mode. Social engagements and exciting interactions with others lighten your mood. Shift the conversation to the uplifting and unusual. 

Leo: Sudden and unexpected events change your direction. You will need to do a lot of thinking and discussing before you make any major moves. Be sure that what is promised, including money, is there before you decide anything. Retrograde Mercury this month cautions you to read the fine print before you sign.

Virgo: Financial dealings are wound up early in the month. There may be a delay in funds, but they will be forthcoming and the issue will be resolved over the next month or so. You don’t have time to worry about it as you are kept busy with business and social activities. It is ok to turn down an invitation if your calendar is full. Take a breath.

Libra: People, finance, taxes and insurance have you struggling to maintain your balance. Balance is your driving force, and you keep your sea legs and are able to work through any difficulties. The New Moon on the 23rd in your sign signals a new beginning. You may make some changes after that. It’s all good.

Scorpio: You are unusually talkative during this time. You juggle between being on the offense and being on the defense. Some folks delight in throwing a monkey wrench into your life. Don’t lash out in anger; think about it and use your head. There are powerful forces at work in your daily life. Concentrate on what you have control over. 

Sagittarius: You are in the soul-searching mode during this period. This is not a bad thing. You discover things about yourself that will help you make decisions for the future. Some interesting conversations with helpful people in your life provide you with some assistance as you make some important decisions. 

Capricorn: With the big three in your sign — Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto — it has been a stop and go year for you. You want to expand your horizons, but life and circumstance prevent you. Think, plan and contemplate on what you want, where you are and where you want to be. Some excitement enters your life — be prepared.

Aquarius: A lot is going on beneath the surface with you. Unexpected mishaps in the home bring unexpected expenses. This prompts you into a grand clean up, throw out and reorganizing of your life. The budget, the closets and the conversations get examined and evaluated. Who and what holds worth for you?

Pisces: Change is in the air as you make some powerful friendships and forge new alliances. There is someone pleasant and fun to be around on the horizon. Don’t let upsets in your routine throw you. Be ready to revise and adjust. Conversations move toward the philosophical and spiritual. You are tuned in to it all.