Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes

Spring arrives on the 20th, bringing with it more hope and optimism than the season usually brings. Jupiter is on the horizon in the spring chart, beefing up that optimism with a promise of more good things to come. The month of March is not without its surprises, so be prepared to adjust your stance and alter your course. 

Aries: Some relationships feel like they need a do-over. You need to think about this for a while. When spring arrives on the 20th you may feel different. In the meantime, it does not hurt to have a conversation. At month end, the Full Moon hits your relationship buttons. Could be time to take action. 

Taurus: You work on making new connections and improving your relationships with those you work and play with. This is a good time to visualize what you want for your future. Dream big and think about manifestation, making your dream a reality. You have some new ideas about making and managing money.

Gemini: Mars, the planet of action and energy enters Gemini at the beginning of the month and gets you moving and motivated. Action centers around your professional life, then shifts into the topics and activities that you most enjoy. You’re able to manage both work and play, accomplishing a lot and having fun while you’re at it.

Cancer: As the month unfolds, you garner some favorable reviews. You present well and look good to those who matter. While success in your public life is fantastic, you also want to have harmony on the home front.  You work at that and things are on an even keel there. Friends surprise you with some unusual behavior.

Leo: A period of consultations and conversations ensues, keeping your brain busy for the month of March. Some of these encounters broaden your outlook while others seem to want to put you in a box. A wise one gives good advice. A rambunctious friend becomes articulate and also offers good advice.

Virgo: You initiate a conversation or take an action that leads to a closer relationship with someone in your arena. This could be romantic, but mostly it is interesting and intellectually stimulating. Work space and daily routine get a going over as you organize, eliminate and expand all at once.

Libra: You begin the month with your nose to the grindstone, clearing off your desk and completing necessary tasks. You act on your ideas. As spring arrives, your focus shifts. The Full Moon at month-end shines upon you.  Relationships are highlighted as you shine so much you attract people to you.

Scorpio: You search for people and activities that bring you joy. You’re in the having-fun mode. As the month progresses, you shift your focus to more mundane and everyday tasks. Something pushes your subconscious button, triggering an inner probe on your part. You look deep to discover what is bugging you.

Sagittarius: Lots of action/interaction on the home front and in the neighborhood. You connect with people while carrying out your daily routine. Someone has a lot to say; some of it might be worth listening to.  Don’t get angry. Let that person blow off some steam, then have a decent conversation. 

Capricorn: On one hand, you are serious and sober, on the other, you are wild and crazy. You bounce from one to the other. That is just how things are for you these days. Not to worry; you need both aspects of yourself at this time  You bubble over with ideas that come to fruition at month-end.

Aquarius: You are juggling the two biggies in your sign. Jupiter, who says go, go, go, and Saturn, who says stop, stop, stop. Somewhere in there you must find the right balance. Jupiter opens your mind and expands your universe. Saturn keeps your feet on the ground. You need them both.  Month-end brings fresh ideas. 

Pisces: New Moon in your sign on the 13th signals a new beginning. This is a creative time for you and also speaks to romance and other light-hearted pursuits. You are the one with all the action. You are motivated and take steps to get what you want. Some money issues lurk at month-end. Put your thinking cap on. All is well.