Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes

Aries: You segue from an “all about me” to a more collaborative stance. This does not mean you give up your independence or that “me first” attitude, but you do look for folks with whom you share some common ground. Any group efforts are not without their vigorous discussions. You speak your mind because you have a lot of ideas.

Taurus: Your preference for quiet contemplation fades away as you shift into a more active, social mode. By mid-month, your schedule is filled with the pleasant and pleasurable. You enjoy popularity, social events and helpful people. At month-end some relationship issues surface. Who do you want in your life?

Gemini: A busy and active period finds you connecting with new friends, old friends and connections that further your ambitions. You are ambitious these days and feel quite comfortable putting yourself forward. At times you can be quite aggressive. No harm in that, but it is not your usual style.  Do what feels right for you.  


Cancer: This is a month of shifting priorities for you. You make an effort to amp up your connections, expanding your network of personal friends and professional associates. By Full Moon time at month-end, you are into fun, games and all the stuff that you really enjoy doing. You’re looking for common ground from those around you.

Leo: You spend a lot of time planning and thinking about the big picture of your life. You are not focusing on the details — you are thinking about the big picture. Mid to late month you step out and take action. You are in full networking mode. You see that your connections will help you move along.  You make a good impression.

Virgo: Your daily routine is a mix of fun stuff and serious business. It’s a juggling act you are performing here. You perform your responsibilities while being open to new ideas and expansion of your day-to-day existence.  You take action and get noticed. Use your verbal skills and quick thinking to score some points. 

Libra: The New Moon sparks a new beginning in relationship matters.  Could be a new relationship or a change in an existing relationship. Some of this could be internal to you — what you want in a relationship and how you relate. You find you prefer those who share your interests and values, and you won’t mess around with those who don’t.

Scorpio: Lots of stuff going on internally and beneath the surface.  Something or someone emerges from the past. You’re okay with it all, but it does require some conversation and interaction. Full Moon on the 26th finds you speaking your mind and not caring what folks think. Get your thoughts and feelings out there. Be gentle.

Sagittarius: Finding new ways to express yourself occupies your time these days. You get creative and a little out there, but you soon settle into it as all this new you stuff becomes part of your routine. Conversation with those in your life require time and energy. You need to have them and are not shy about speaking your mind.

Capricorn: Big reevaluation time for you. You’re thinking deep stuff. Values, friends and point of view all come under scrutiny. You blend the past, present and future possibilities into your personal way to move forward. Full Moon on the 26th brings it all into focus. Something sparks your creative urge. Follow that urge. 

Aquarius: New ideas surface and aid you in dealing with authority figures, siblings and other folks in your life. You are becoming quite the authority figure yourself. You pull things from your past to set you up for the future.  You’ve got big ideas, but remain grounded in reality, dreaming big while remaining functioning. Good work. 

Pisces: While you may seem spaced out and dreamy, you are actually probing your inner most self and coming up with some profound truths.  These truths may be important to only you. But that is alright. By month-end you will be able to express these thoughts and ideas in a way that will impact those around you.