Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes

June opens with a bang as Mars opposes Pluto on the 5th. Aries Moon jumps in and makes for a very lively, explosive weekend. Mercury is retrograde until the 22nd, so be prepared for the old trickster to play some tricks.  The New Moon on June 10 is a Solar Eclipse in Gemini. And Summer arrives on the 20th.   

Aries: Try not to get impatient and blow your cork when your plans are thrown into disarray. Be sure you have your facts in order before you engage in any debate. New ideas come your way, so take the time to evaluate and incorporate them into your world view. Mars lends you a boost of energy when you need it the most.

Taurus: You question all those things, people and values you have held dear. It is tough to rearrange your thinking after having some long-held beliefs. A spiritually minded friend offers some wise council or simply a sympathetic ear. Things are changing for you in ways you never expected. Work with your new insight.

Gemini: The Eclipse season has you rocking and reeling. Change is in the air. That’s okay with you as you are great at adapting. Some of these changes are inner changes that surprise you. Something is bubbling up from your sub-conscious that needs your attention. A shift in your direction or point of view reveals a lot.

Cancer: Venus in your sign improves your social life and gives folks a positive view of you. You enjoy the delights that Venus brings, but are also delving into your inner self, probing to find out what makes you tick. You find that you are more spiritual than you had been previously. Worlds open up to you. Not a bad thing.

Leo: Mars moves into your sign on the 12th, firing you up and giving you the energy to bring about some changes that need to be made. Before you make those changes, give it some thought. Review what needs to be done before you take that first step. After the 22nd, new information emerges. Think about it.

Virgo: You think about making changes in your daily life, your job and your long-range direction. Some of this is minor, but some things are major life changes. Your ruler, Mercury, is retrograde, so give it some thought. Some things will not change overnight, but require careful planning. You’re good at that, planning.

Libra: The Eclipse brings out some broad and big ideas that have a bearing on your work, reputation and social life.   You have struck a rapport with those you work and play with. This is an inner connection that sometimes needs no words. Some folks you know you can count on. Listen to their words, heed their advice, make your own decision. 

Scorpio: A period of self development is connected to the last and current eclipse. You dig deep and are fascinated with some taboo subjects. Or what some people think of as taboo. For you it is meat and drink. Digging deep, whether it is within the self or the mysteries of the universe, is right up your alley. Keep digging. You may strike gold. 

Sagittarius: You love your friends, siblings and all the other folks you have a personal relationship with, but sometimes they all can get to be a bit too much. Tensions within some relationships emerge and things that you have coped with before now seem difficult to deal with. Some serious conversations are in order.

Capricorn: Your usual practicality is giving way to a more spiritual outlook. Stuffy Capricorn is really a very creative sign. That creativity is coming to the forefront in your life. While this might not mean you’re painting a masterpiece, you will get innovative and cutting-edge with solutions, people and daily life.

Aquarius: Your creative juices are flowing. That and a real desire to get out and have a good time brings joy into your life. Saturn in your sign all year has not been a walk in the park. You have and will take care of business, your health, and any responsibilities you might have. But that does not mean you can’t take the fun when it comes.

Pisces: Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces bring many gifts to you. The trick is to handle all this good fortune in a level-headed way. These gifts may or may not be material. Listen to your inner voice and follow your hunches. Don’t forget to take all the practicalities into consideration. See things as they are, not as how you wish them to be.