Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes

Forecast Period:  January 10, 2013 to February 7, 2012


Aries: Authority figures and those older and more mature play a big role in your public and private life.  There are shifts and changes all around you and the unexpected pops up and upsets the apple cart. It could be you who is doing the disruption. You receive the recognition that you have earned. Keep your eye on unnecessary spending as a tax or insurance bill may be more than expected.


Taurus: Now is the time to make plans for the future. You are tuned into the big picture and can see all the angles. You’re meeting influential people and folks with a lot of expertise. This is a gold mine for you. A new source of income falls into your lap through the proverbial lucky break or from one of your new acquaintances. It may be time to make a big career move.


Gemini: Now that the holiday season has passed, you are paying the piper. Overindulgence in food and drink threw a monkey wrench into any healthy regime you might have had. Overspending and overdoing catches up with you now. Use your energy to organize your work space, get a handle on the budget, and climb back on the exercise wagon. You’ve got discipline now, so use it.


Cancer: All of your personal one-on-one relationships come under scrutiny now. It is a good time to mend fences and talk things over. There will definitely be a lot of conversation going on. Some of these discussions will start off on one subject, but will result in talk about money and joint finances. Try to get the emotions out of the discussion and look at the facts.


Leo: It’s back to work for you Leo, with a vengeance. The energy is there to improve working conditions; get your space organized and make peace with co-workers. This is a good time to socialize with co-workers either out on the town or in your home. It’s not all hearts and flowers, though, as there are a few belligerent souls around. Try your best to maintain harmonious relationships.


Virgo: The fun and games may be over for everyone else, but not for you, Virgo. You are partying on and connecting with the lighthearted and romantic. Accept all invitations and attend all concerts and sporting events. Romance is in the air and the one may show up in the least likely of places. Above all, be and act your true self. Creativity abounds; look for the unique in your life.


Libra: This period emphasizes home, family, and whatever it is that makes you feel secure and safe. It doesn’t have to be strictly monetary – it could be a bouquet of flowers. Your time and effort is spent on home improvements or home entertainment. You put a lot of creativity into your projects and it shows. Friends bring a romantic interest your way. Mind the budget, and don’t spend impulsively.


Scorpio: What starts out local ends up global. You’ll know what it is when it happens. Things that are personal and private end up on the front page of everyone’s newsletter.  Through it all you are busy and on the go.  News, information, messages, and drives around town keep you hopping. You’re full of ideas and ready to start something new. Innovation is the name of the game.