Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes

Aries: Caution is advised in all financial dealings. While a little give and take will be required in all negotiations, financial and otherwise, it won’t help if you resolve the issue by giving away the farm. You’re tempted to spend money on something beautiful for the home. It may be beautiful, but you know it is way over budget.

Taurus: Challenging people, events and situations will require cooperation on your part. This is not easy for you at this time as you are in the combative mode.  After the Last Quarter Moon on the 11th you begin to simmer down. Until then, take a stand and mark your territory, but be nice about it.

Gemini: Gemini is busy during this period, making good use of innate multi-tasking abilities. You have lots of plans financially, socially and personally. Be wise and keep your plans to yourself as there are folks around you who are a bit too nosey for their own good. If you don’t want something repeated, don’t say it.

Cancer: You face interruption and opposition to some of your plans. While your social life is very active, you have to change plans, break a date or compromise in some way. Private conversations are just that: private. If you want to keep them that way, caution those involved to keep their mouths shut. A great time for fun with friends.

Leo: Expansion, contraction, cooperation, antagonistic stances are all part of the big ball of wax you are juggling these days. You want to get out there moving and grooving, but someone or something rains on your parade. Last Quarter Moon on the 11th brings some brittle conversation that may or may not help the situation.

Virgo: Plans for the future keep you busy. A lot of ideas, much conversation and exchange of information assist you in formulating your future path. While you are not sure yet where you want to go and who you want to be, you sense something beneath the surface of your awareness that will bring great insight when it bubbles up into your conscious mind.

Libra: Finances, values and what is important to you sparks some serious conversation within your circle. Sound advice from a friend or counselor needs to be considered, but in the end you will make your own decisions. Serious business aside, this is a good time for socializing and fun stuff in general. Life goes on.  

Scorpio: Conversation, confrontation and cooperation fill your to-do list during this period. Around the 12th your passion ignites. Could involve the kissy face, huggy body type or passion around an idea, about finances or about the direction your life is heading in. Chill out and consult with those near and dear to you.

Sagittarius: Something or someone dampens your usual enthusiasm. Life has sent you some challenges that need to be addressed. You may not be in agreement with the significant others in your life. Whatever is bugging you will bubble to the surface around the 11th and you should be able to articulate your feelings then.

Capricorn: Capricorn is involved in some lighter activities now. Business as usual has given over to some romantic, fun, enjoyable pastimes. In the midst of all of this fun there is a reality check. What do you want, what do you need, what do you want to get rid of? You’re in the process of getting rid of anything that does not serve you.

Aquarius: It’s all about relationships: the personal, professional, casual and serious. Some folks push you along and encourage your growth while others are more cautious. It is not that they don’t support you; it is their own fears that lead them to caution you. You can force a confrontation or let it ride. After the 12th you’re into more fun stuff.

Pisces: When you speak, speak clearly. Make sure folks understand what you are really saying in order to avoid any misunderstanding. During this time, an avalanche of information and news from near and far comes to your attention. It will be hard to keep track of it all. Take the time to enjoy those activities that bring you great pleasure.