Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes

Aries: Suddenly there’s a lot of action going on with various people in your life. Lovers, friends and co-workers converse, argue and placate you.  Someone in particular talks a lot and loudly. After the 9th, you get the message without all the shouting. Conversations begin anew, clarity emerges and things begin to clear up.

Taurus: You manage to keep on track with your responsibilities while having some fun engaging in activities that you love. You are letting the inner child out to play. As the New Moon of the 12th approaches, you tie things up and prepare for a new routine with healthy options and practical applications. Romantic and creative pursuits abound.

Gemini: Your home base and what it is that makes you feel safe and secure occupy your thoughts and inspire your actions. Some minor money issues get cleared up and after the New Moon, you are ready for fun and games. Quirky friends and talkative lovers amuse, astound and stimulate you. A serious someone throws a wet blanket on it all. Gemini keeps rolling.

Cancer: You have not been this active in a long time. Your little neighborhood has and will continue to expand to include the entire world. Not literally, but your thinking and viewpoint does. Be prepared for opportunities and lucky breaks as you tool around town. After the New Moon on the 12th, you focus on your home base.

Leo: While it may seem as if your money problems are over, don’t blow the bankroll on some luxurious but unnecessary item. The money that rolls in rolls out just as fast due to unexpected expenses. After the New Moon, the pace of life picks up and you have lots of engagements and stimulating conversations.

Virgo: With Jupiter in your sign for the next year or so, you are at the beginning of a new 12-year cycle. Jupiter brings opportunity, expansion and generally good stuff and people into your life. Be aware that Jupiter can also bring too much of a good thing. Get your finances in order as you may have to spend on the home front.

Libra: This month’s New Moon in Libra sparks the urge for change within you. This could be as simple as a new haircut, wardrobe change or new exercise routine. An inner change of attitude or philosophy is possible as you look within and figure out why you do the things you do. Some serious conversation takes place.

Scorpio: You’re doing a lot of socializing these days. Friends include you in all sorts of group activities. You meet new people whose interests coincide with yours. Some may be from different backgrounds, while others have a romantic flavor to them. Either way, you’re expanding your universe. Some money issues require strict adherence to the budget.

Sagittarius: While you are feeling the weight of responsibilities and the results of past actions, you also are getting the recognition you deserve.  Those in authority look favorably upon you. An increase in salary is possible after the New Moon. At that time, you will seek out new friendships and alliances.      

Capricorn: You’ve been doing a lot of thinking, studying and exploring the new, the different and interesting. Knowledge is the key word here.  Learning and expanding your outlook brings you to a point where a change in direction is called for. Conversations with an authority help to clarify your goals and intentions.

Aquarius: Your passions are aroused. Physical passion, of course, but Aquarius gets passionate about a lot of things. Those around you don’t understand what you’re all fired up about. You’re thinking out of the box and folks can’t keep up with you. The New Moon ushers in a period of further exploration. Old friends keep you amused.

Pisces: Unexpected money either coming in or flowing out upsets your routine arrangements. Relationships run smoothly with the exception of one belligerent acquaintance who will not be appeased or go away. State your case and end the conversation. It’s futile to argue. Wait until after the 9th before signing or agreeing.