Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes

Aries: A mixed bag of cooperative efforts and service to others with a few prima donnas and attention hogs thrown in is what your life is about these days. Conversation that is honest and open clears the air and helps you to maintain focus. Avoid power struggles, but stand your ground when necessary.

Taurus: Your mantra these days is “let the good times roll.” Instant gratification is on the menu. The energies demand that you be yourself, no apologies, I am what I am. Personal growth, romance and competition weave a magical web that allows you truly to be yourself.

Gemini: Concentration on your personal life, inner peace and security punctuates this period. Energies are stirred up from the deepest level, resulting in actions and reactions that are unconscious and of the knee-jerk type. You wonder where it all came from. The search and goal here is for you to be your authentic self.

Cancer: You are aware of how much love there is in your life. You get together with friends and neighbors, enjoying the socializing and conversation. The action around you opens up the door to working things out and accomplishing something that benefits all. You’re open to new experiences as rigid thought patterns crack open. Explore!

Leo: You get riled about an issue that involves justice and fairness. You give your opinion and you’re heard loud and clear. You’re attracted to art, beauty and objects that beautify your home and person. The real danger here is allowing your ego to be tied up with what you own. How you use your resources is the elephant in the room.

Virgo: As a social magnet you attract people, events and opportunity. With lots of activity going on, you assert yourself and show people what you can do. You’re confident and poised. This is good, but try not to be so “in your face” that you overwhelm people. You’re in a huge period of growth and expansion of mind, body and spirit.

Libra: You look for the spiritual rather than the material. You’re selfless and act with the interests of others foremost. Despite your higher motives, chances are you will be misunderstood and/or create the wrong impression. Inner contemplation keeps you on track. Pay no mind to what others think.

Scorpio: You’re feeling friendly toward people and they are feeling friendly toward you. Group efforts that require cooperation work well now, provided you don’t let your ego get in the way. Don’t let others walk all over you; the trick is to get your needs met while working with others. Your vision of the future blossoms; make plans and set goals. Anything is possible. Believe that you are capable of the great and grand.

Sagittarius: Your desire to work harmoniously with others attracts favorable attention to you — good stuff and good people. Your ambitions are roused and you want to get ahead. While independent projects work well, you are able to work cooperatively with others. Don’t get too big for your britches. Achievement takes work, not bull.

Capricorn: Artistic and beautiful things, events and people enter your life now, expanding your consciousness. Your best path is to look for experiences that broaden your outlook, raise your consciousness and challenge your beliefs. Reading, travel and meeting people serve to open you to new possibilities.

Aquarius: Your ego stands up on its hind legs, demanding to be noticed. Whether you hit a stone wall or not, this action brings transforming energy to you. Love, sex and relationships can be a vehicle for transformation. Existing relationships or those formed now are intense and impact you on a deep psychological level.

Pisces: Encounters with others run smoothly be they friends, lovers or enemies. There is tension in some relationships, but awareness helps you to air your grievances while maintaining positive channels of communication. Face encounters with others as a learning opportunity about yourself and what you need in a relationship.